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AEG F88712VI0P



AEG F88712VI0P Dishwasher

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Watersave, fully-integrated ProClean™ dishwasher with fifteen place settings, eight programmes, five temperatures, TimeBeam function, Glasscare package with Soft Spikes and Soft Grips, LCD display with Touch Controls and 44dB(A) sound level. Superior cleaning with half the water This dishwasher comes with advanced WaterSave Technology that stores water from the final rinse and reuses it in the next cycle to pre-wash the dishes. In this way, you save almost 50% on water consumption, while your dishes get perfectly clean. Dishwasher with Satellite Spray Arm and 5 spray levels With a Satellite Spray Arm and 5 spray levels, this ProClean™ dishwasher ensures maximum water coverage over your entire load. Read more Dishwasher with ExtraHygiene function for 99.99% bacteria-free results This dishwasher comes with an Extra Hygiene function that sanitises your dishes, guaranteeing a 99.99% bacteria-free result. By using it during your cleaning cycle, you clean the tank, dishwasher and dishes all at the same time. Dishwasher with SoftGrip wine glass holders for superior glass care This dishwasher provides superior glass care, thanks to the SoftGrip wine glass holders, which safely and gently secure wine glasses in optimal cleaning position. Always know exactly when the dishwasher is done Check on the status of your dishwashing cycle at a glance. The dishwasher\'s TimeBeam technology projects the remaining time in a clear red light on the floor. Easily load and unload all utensils with this dishwasher – even long and bulky ones The removable cutlery tray of the dishwasher is designed to offer optimal space and functionality. It features room for up to 15 cutlery settings and a special corridor for long, bulky utensils.

Energy Rating 4.5
Height mm 818
Width mm 596
Depth mm 550