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AEG HC451501EB



AEG HC451501EB Kitchen Cooktop

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CrystalLine - all the ingredients for a customized hob solution The kitchen environment has too much on offer to be tied to one type of cooking. The CrystalLine modular system provides you with the flexibility you need when designing your kitchen to ensure you can reach new culinary heights. Prepare wok-cooked food with professional results This induction hob module comes with a professional wok. Place the pan in the hob\'s central hollow to directly heat the wok\'s entire base for authentic results. Intelligent use of power for reduced energy consumption The Öko Timer enables you to use energy more efficiently by using the hob\'s residual heat during the last few minutes of the cooking process. Keep in control of your cooking To enable you to closely monitor the progress of each dish, the hobs CountUp Timer starts at zero and keeps counting until you stop or reset it. Sensitive controls for precision cooking The Direct Touch controls on this hob help you get delicious results every time you cook. Slide controls let you turn the heat up, down or off with such accuracy that you get the response you want at just the right moment. So whatever mouth-watering meal you’re cooking, induction helps you make it just the way you want to. Extra efficiency use of residual heat For each heat zone on the hob, the OptiHeat Control tracks the level of residual heat, so you can make the most of your remaining heat and optimize your energy usage.

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Type of Element Electric