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AEG HE634400XB



AEG HE634400XB Kitchen Cooktop

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MaxiSense ® , the flexible hob - free seating for your cookware For maximum flexibility, the cooking zones this induction hob automatically adjust to your cookware , so the cookware is always heated uniformly regardless of its size or position Precise settings at a touch of a button Select the desired settings easily and precisely by finger pressure. Through the Direct Touch system , you have direct access to all cooktop controls. Immediate , accurate and controllable heat With induction technology, the cookware is heated quickly - not the cooking surface , on which it stands . In addition, this technology allows rapid and precise temperature control. This cooktop heats only the pan bottom ! Just great and safe! When using induction technology automatic pan detection ensures that the hob one and only heats the pan bottom . So that you achieve the most efficient conversion of electricity into heat energy When using the induction technology , preheating of the cooking zone is not required in order to achieve the desired temperature. The current is immediately converted into heat as efficiently as possible. A hob that is always clean and shiny In induction cooking , the area around the pan is not hot, so splashes can not burn . Simply wipe off for a clean and perfectly smooth cooking surface.

Type of Element Electric