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AEG HK654200XB



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Standard 60cm Induction hob with DirekTouch controls. Precise settings at the touch of a finger Gives you instant access to the hob\'s controls and immediate control to select the precise level you need. All at the touch of a finger. Intelligent AutoMax function Automax brings the zone up to the boil and then will reduce it to the pre-selected powerlevel for the remainder of the cooking time. Start cooking at the right heat as soon as the pan touches the hob With this induction hob, the hob responds as soon as the pan touches the hob. It immediately heats the pan – and only the pan – to the right temperature. Intelligent use of power for reduced energy consumption The Öko Timer enables you to use energy more efficiently by using the hob\'s residual heat during the last few minutes of the cooking process. Keep in control of your cooking To enable you to closely monitor the progress of each dish, the CountUp Timer starts at zero and keeps counting until you stop or reset it. Extra efficiency use of residual heat For each heat zone, the OptiHeat Control tracks the level of residual heat, so you can make the most of your remaining heat and optimize your energy usage.

Connection 4
Type of Element Electric