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  1. AKG Y30 Head Phone

    AKG Y30 Head Phone The AKG Y30 On-Ear Headphones feature a universal remote and mic, so you can attend to calls or skip through tracks without reaching for your phone. Engineered for today's trendsetters, the AKG Y30 On-Ear Headphones let you enjoy listening to your favourite music in clear and crisp audio quality. The Y30 Headphones showcase a unique and eye-catching design, proving great sound doesn't have to compromise style.

    $58 - $65
  2. AKG Y23 Head Phone

    AKG Y23U Head PhoneThe AKG Y23U Ultra Small In-Ear Headphones are fitted with specially-selected 5.8mm drivers, allowing you to enjoy precision audio regardless of what content you're listening to. Treat yourself to an immersive music listening experience wherever you go with the AKG Y23U Ultra Small In-Ear Headphones. Thanks to a small and compact design, these headphones are comfortable to wear and are easy to store inside your bag or pocket while you’re travelling.

    $55 - $58
  3. AKG K240 MK II Head Phone

    Dynamic, around-ear, semi-open headphones provide incredible sound and comfort. AKG K240 MKII headphones update one of AKG's most successful headphone models with Varimotion technology and XXL transducers. The K240 MKII's semi-open ear cups have around-the-ear coupling to deliver solid bass, accurate mids, and crystal-clear high tones. AKG K240 MKII Headphones Features: Professional hi-fi stereo studio headphones Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit Patented Varimotion speakers Dynamic, around-ear semi-open headphones Includes leatherette and velvet earpads

    $229 - $279
  4. AKG K271 MK II Head Phones

    The newly designed AKG legend, K 271 MK II combines the benefits of AKG's circumaural design for extreme comfort and a closed-back design for maximum isolation from ambient noise. Thanks to its XXL transducers, the K 271 MK II sounds clean, smooth and very rich. Featuring closed-back over-ear professional headphones. self adjusting headband, leatherette and velvet ear pads the new 271 Mk II's truly shine. Single-sided, detachable 3m straight cable and 5m coiled cable. The K 271 MK II is the perfect choice for any application where sonic bleed could cause problems such as broadcast work. Another important feature of the K 271 MK II is the addition of a switch in the headband that mutes the audio just as soon as the headphones are taken off. Features Professional circumaural hi-fi stereo studio headphones Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit Patented Varimotion speakers High noise attenuation For onstage and studio use Automute feature mutes headphones when they are taken…

    $188 - $289
  5. AKG Y55 Head Phone

    AKG Y55 Head Phone Engineered for the avid music lover, the AKG Y55 DJReady OnEar Headphones pack innovative features like a closed-ear design for better sound isolation and a 3D-axis mechanism for the best sound. The AKG Y55 DJ-Ready On-Ear Headphones feature a closed-ear design which helps eliminate ambient noise and deliver enhanced bass and frequency responses. These AKG headphones have rotating ear-cups, making it comfortable to wear even during long listening sessions.

    $165 - $188
  6. AKG K702 Headphones

    Here's a pair of headphones that look as good as they sound! The AKG K702 headphones, designed by the headphone gurus at AKG, are all about giving you a near-linear response. That means, you're going to love using these for mixing. With clear highs and accurate bass response, the AKG K702 headphones rule. Plus, the comfortable open-back design lets in just the right amount of "air," so you don't feel closed off from the world. Plain and simple, the K702 are great headphones! Features: - Pro recording headphones - Open-back dynamic headphones - 10Hz-39.8kHz frequency response - Gold-plated stereo jack 1/4" connector with convertible adapter plug

    $399 - $489
  7. AKG K121S Studio Head Phones

    The AKG K 121 Studio are entry level professional headphones for various applications, as Project Studios and Home Recording. These semi-open, supraaural headphones are a true all-round performer. The AKG self-adjusting headband ensures good comfort. The K 121 Studio are equipped with a 3.5/6.3 mm stereo adapter and is designed for ambitious and rugged use. The leatherette ear pads are easy to clean. The K121 Studio are designed and engineered in Austria. Features Semi-open design Supraaural Self-adjusting headband

    $129 - $158
  8. AKG K181DJ Headphones

    The K 181 DJ have been designed in cooperation with leading international DJs. The result: the ultimate tool for professional DJs high performance closed-back headphones with the best possible sound, and maximum SPL that should be exceptionally rugged and easy to bend or fold into any listening position, and provide a switchable bass boost.

    $109.95 - $265
  9. AKG K612 Pro Headphones

    The K612 PRO is a powerful over-ear reference headphone that promises natural sound imaging for professional monitoring. It boasts of open technology that promises wearer comfort for long working sessions and full, spacious and airy sound as well. It also comes with computer-optimized neodymium magnets for ultra-low distortion. The K612 PRO has a self-adjusting real leather headband with aluminium arches and solid rivets that fits perfectly. But what sets this headphone apart from others is the AKG�s celebrated and patented Varimotion diaphragm technology for premium quality sound and imaging. Over-ear design The K612 PRO is an over-ear headphone that promises for maximum wearing comfort for long hours of music sessions. Sophisticated open technology The K612 PRO boasts of open technology that offers excellent spacious and airy sound for amazing musical experience Computer-optimized neodymium magnets The K612 PRO is equipped with computer-optimized neodymium magnets that offers…

    $249 - $259
  10. AKG K92 Head Phone

    Mix and master your tracks with the AKG K92 over-ear, closed back headphones. Professional-grade 40mm drivers reveal even the subtlest nuances, so you can be confident your mix will translate accurately on any system. Whether you’re fine-tuning track levels within the mix or mastering the final product, the self-adjusting headband, and lightweight design will provide hours of comfort. The durable K92 is a serious headphone that delivers precisely balanced response in the studio and beyond.

    $98 - $119
  11. AKG Y40 Head Phone

    AKG Y40 Head Phone Experience AKG-signature sound when listening to your go-to playlist with the compact, stylish yet powerful AKG Y40 On-Ear Headphones, featuring lightweight, comfortable fit, detachable cable and fold-flat design, perfect for music-lovers on the move. Built with 40mm drivers and a noise-blocking earpad, the AKG Y40 On-Ear Headphones provides crisp and clear audio output for an enjoyable listening experience. The headphones have a lightweight construction and soft padding for a snug and comfortable fit.

    $135 - $148
  12. AKG N25 Head Phone

    The AKG N25 High Resolution In-Ear Headphones have dual dynamic drivers, producing rich, high-quality sound with sharp highs, detailed mids, and punchy, deep bass. Supporting playback of up to 40kHz, these N20U in-ear headphones let you enjoy high-resolution audio content. Complete with a tangle-free fabric cable with a mic and remote, the AKG in-ear headphones allow you to easily control the audio playback and answer or reject calls when connected to your compatible device.

    $245 - $247
  13. AKG K712 Pro Head Phones

    The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. The over-ear design guarantees maximum wearing comfort for fatigue-free mixing and mastering, while providing spacious and airy sound without any compromise. Their precise powerful sound results from improved low-end performance by 3dB. Being hand-crafted in Austria, the K712 PROs represent the high quality and legendary design AKG is known for. These headphones have a genuine soft leather headband for a lightweight and comfortable fit. Their carefully selected transducers provide consistency and accurate localization. The K712 PROs come with a professional mini XLR connector for quick replacement of the cable. Also included is an additional coiled cable and a premium carrying bag.

    $639 - $709
  14. AKG K99 HeadPhones

    The newly designed K 99 are semi-open stereo headphones which combine excellent sound and optimum price/performance. Self-adjusting headband, soft leatherette circumaural earpads, and low weight ensure pleasant fit. Large, high-performance 1.6-inch (40-mm) speakers provide a natural, uncoloured sound.

    $45 - $69.95
  15. AKG K812 PRO Head Phone

    The K812 superior reference headphones offer the most pure and natural sound possible. Designed for music professionals the K812 empower to experience the smallest sonic details with the most accurate balance for mixing, mastering as well as music production.

  16. AKG K141 MKII Headphones

    The K 141 MK II is a newly updated version of the AKG legend with XXL transducers with Varimotion technology to deliver higher sensitivity, wide dynamic range and higher SPL, plus its lower impedance also allows it to be used with computers and other devices with low-power output.

    $209 - $319
  17. AKG K240S Headphones

    For over twenty years, professional engineers have made the K240M and K141M the best selling and most widely used headphones in large studios, sound stages and orchestras around the world. AKG now presents two headphone variations for use with any product that has a headphone output: the K240 Studio and the K141 Studio.

    $120 - $199
  18. AKG K67DJ Head Phones

    The AKG K67DJ is a high-performance headphone designed for optimum audio quality. It has an on-ear, closed-back design and is equipped with noise cancelling technology that allows you to enjoy music without any interference from outside noise. It has 40 mm transducer and promises amazing sound at high sound pressure levels. Crafted from XRP� glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts, the K67 is extremely lightweight. It is fitted with leatherette ear pads for maximum wearing comfort. Easily portable, thanks to the 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism, it is a great headphone to carry with you wherever you go. Compact and powerful, the K67 is ideal for both live and studio music. On-Ear and Closed-Back Design The K67 has an on-ear and closed-back design that cancels outside noise to provide outstanding audio clarity and distortion-free music. 40 mm Transducer The K67 is equipped with 40mm transducer for high �quality music. It is also capable of delivering exceptional sound at high sound…

    $89.95 - $119
  19. AKG K81DJ Head Phones

    The K81DJ headphones are supra-aural, closed back headphones known for their exceptional sound quality. Designed primarily for DJ-ing, these headphones offer outstanding maximum sound pressure level for the ultimate musical experience. These headphones come with a rugged, easily adjustable headband that fits any head size and offers maximum comfort. They boasts of the 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism that allows the user to fold the headphone into a thin package for better transportability. On-Ear, Closed-Back design The K81DJ headphones have an on-ear, closed back design for maximum noise attenuation and all day long wearing comfort. High SPL Capability The K81DJ has known for its high sound pressure level capability, necessary for demanding DJ work. Adjustable headband The ergonomically designed, adjustable headband offer ease of handling and wearer comfort. 3D-Axis Professional Folding Mechanism The 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism of the K81DJ allows the user to fold…

    $40 - $105
  20. AKG K167DJ Head Phones

    Designed to deliver outstanding audio quality, the K167DJ is the ideal choice for studio monitoring, DJ-ing, mixing, mastering and live music. It comes with an over-ear, closed-back design that provides a comfortable fit and blocks ambient noise for distortion-free music. It is armed with 1.6" (40 mm) drivers for consistent sound reproduction, including high sound pressure levels at very low frequencies. It has lightweight frame, thanks to the XRP� glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts used in its construction. The K167DJ comes with 3D-Axis Professional Folding Mechanism for extra portability. On-Ear and Closed-Back Design The on-ear and closed back design ensures excellent sound clarity minus ambient noise. It offers comfortable fit as well. Powerful 1.6" (40 mm) Drivers The K167DJ is equipped with 1.6" (40 mm) drivers that ensures consistent sound reproduction, including high sound pressure levels at very low frequencies. Lightweight The K167DJ is made of XRP� glass-fiber reinforced…

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