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  1. NAD C316BEE Amplifiers & Receivers

    SPECIFICATIONS: Line Level Input: Input impedance (R+C): 50k Ohms + 100pF Input sensitivity, rated power: 200mV Maximum input signal: 7V Line level Output: Tape Out impedance: Source Z + 600 Ohms Treble: +/- 5dB at 10kHz Bass: +/- 8dB at 100Hz Continuous output power1 into 8 Ohms: 40W (16dBW) Rated Distortion (20Hz - 20kHz): 0.01% Clipping power (maximum continuous power 4/8 Ohms): 45W IHF Dynamic headroom: 8 Ohms +3.5dB; 4 Ohms +4.8dB IHF Dynamic power: 8 Ohms 90W (19.5dBW); 4 Ohms 120W (20.8dBW) Damping factor (ref. 8O, 1kHz): >200 (ref. 8 Ohms, 1kHz) Voltage gain: 39dB Signal / Noise ratio, A-weighted2: 95dB (ref. 1W) THD + Noise3: <0.01% SMPTE IM4: <0.02% IHF IM5: <0.01% Headphone output impedance: 68 Ohms Physical Specifications: Gross Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 79.8 x 286.2 mm Net Weight: 5.52 kg Shipping Weight: 6.65 kg

  2. NAD C390DD Amplifiers

    The NAD C 390DD is not only a new concept in amplification, but also in audio system architecture. First introduced in the now famous NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, Direct Digital technology has been praised for its transparent, dynamic and detailed sound quality. Like the M2, the C 390DD has no analogue stages in the signal path, keeping music in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs. All preamp functions are executed in the digital domain without the phase shift, noise and distortion that plagues all analogue designs regardless of price or pedigree. Its 35-bit architecture and 108MHz master clock also make Direct Digital one of the most accurate DAC technologies available.

  3. Pro-Ject MaiA Stereo Amplifier

    MAIA offers all digital and analogue input options you could hope for, combined with an amplifier stage that delivers outstanding audio, and a high class 24 bit DAC stage. Despite the compact design, up to 9 source devices can be connected simultaneously. This is what starters in ambitious home audio have been waiting for a compact integrated amplifier with ultimate input flexibility, that won't compromise on sound quality.

  4. Cambridge Audio Topaz Stereo SR20 Amplifier

    The SR20 is the most powerful amplifier in the Topaz range offering an immense 100 watts per channel, backed by a dedicated subwoofer output as well as two sets of speaker outputs. It also features analogue inputs, digital inputs, a phono stage, an FM receiver and an MP3 input, so it will connect and play virtually anything you throw at it. continuing the comprehensive specification and attention to detail, the SR20 features a built-in MM Phono stage, bringing your vinyl to life! Turntables fitted with phono cartridges of either the Moving Magnet or high output Moving Coil type can be used.

    $740 - $806.55
  5. Quad Elite Pre Stereo Amplifier

    The Elite Pre forms the heart of any system in which it is placed, and a great deal of work has been undertaken to further enhance the excellent levels of musical transparency delivered by its 99 Series predecessor. This has been achieved by careful component selection and re-tuning of the signal path, whilst maintaining the advanced facilities that are unique to Quad's solid-state pre-amps, including QUADLINK™ and AMPBUS connectivity, by pass-switchable filter adjustment for bass and treble, and Quad's unique "Tilt" control that tailors the entire frequency response to suit the user's preferred balance. Specifications: - Frequency Range Line Inputs: 1Hz - 20kHz (+0dB/-0.3dB) Line Inputs 0.1Hz - 55kHz (+/-3dB) MM & MC Inputs 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-0.4dB) - Signal to Noise Ratio: (S/N) 78dB (A) ref 7.75mV (775uV) - Audio Inputs: 3 x Aux RCA, 1 x Tape and 1 x Phono MM (MC) - Remote Control: Yes - Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 321 x 310mm - Weight: 4.5kg

  6. Quad Elite QSP Stereo Amplifier

    The QSP Stereo Power Amplifier is a by-product of the famed Quad 909 Stereo. This product was designed in keeping with the traditional built of QUAD Power Amplifiers, but is right up with the latest technology and the finest audiophile components available. With 140W per channel into an 8 ohm load, and plenty more into lower impedances ensures that there is ample power into a wide range of speakers, including the QUAD ESL range. Specifications: - Power Output: 140W into 8? (<0.01% THD at 1kHz) - Total Harmonic: <0.004% (100W at 1kHz) - Distortion (THD): <0.025% (100W at 20Hz - 20kHz) - Output Impedance: 0.05? in parallel with 1.5mH - Frequency Response: -1.0dB at 1Hz and 55kHz, ref. 1kHz - Power Response: -0.25dB at 20Hz and 20kHz, ref. 1kHz - Input Sensitivity: 760mV (RCA line input) - Input Impedance: - 10k? (balanced) - 15k? (unbalanced) - Crosstalk: -90dB at 1kHz (input loaded with 600?) - Signal-to-Noise Ratio (ref. 140 Watts): 108dB (20kHz measurement bandwidth) -…

  7. Cambridge Audio SR10 Stereo Receiver

    The most powerful amplifier in the Topaz range is designed to be the heart of your high-end separates system. A room-filling 85 watts per channel is backed by a dedicated subwoofer output as well as two sets of speaker outputs - so you can listen in two rooms at once or bi-wire your main speakers for a true audiophile performance. In keeping with our famous "Sound First" audio principles, our audio-obsessed boffins have insisted on using premium components throughout in a quest for perfection. Toroidal transformers, usually only seen in high-end separates, offer stunning music reproduction and minimal distortion. And the SR10 uses the same discrete output stages as our Azur AV receivers costing twice the price. However you like your music, the SR10 has it covered. It boasts a built-in phono stage, so you can instantly connect a turntable; a direct front panel input for iPod, smartphone or other MP3 player - no need for a dock and no fiddling around; and built-in FMAM radio with RDS.…

  8. Pro-Ject PhonoBoxE Amplifier

    Key features:Phono preamplifier, to suit MM cartridgesAccurate RIAA equalisation, low noise integrated circuitsOutput stage with ultra-low impedanceWarranty: 2 yearSpecifications:Input impedance, MM: 47kohms/120pFGain: 40dBOutput voltage typically: 500mV/1kHz at 5mV/1kHzNoise floor, 88dB (94dB - A weighted)THD:

  9. Cambridge Audio DACMAGICPLUS Amplifier

    Twin Wolfson WM8740 24bit DACs used in dual differential configuration,New Anagram Technologies ATF2, 24-bit/384kHz audio up-sampling / jitter reduction,Optional Digital Preamp mode allowing connection directly to power amp or active speakers,24-bit/96kHz driverless USB Audio 1.0,24-bit/192kHz USB Audio 2.0 with ASIO or kernel streaming modes,Asynchronous USB transfer for very low jitter,Selectable digital filters - linear phase, minimum phase and steep,Balanced XLR audio output and RCA phono output,Two 24 bit digital inputs (with optical or coaxial for each),External input for optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver - allows audio to be streamed and up-sampled from any paired Bluetooth device,Supports high quality apt-X Bluetooth CODEC as well as standard SBC Bluetooth CODEC,Available in black or silver finishes.

  10. Cambridge Audio CP1 Amplifier

    Enjoy the unique warmth of vinyl and all the depths of fine analogue detail on offer with this high quality moving magnet phono preamp. However most hi-fi amplifiers wont let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But its very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why weve designed the CP1 using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it.

    $212 - $215
  11. Cambridge Audio 851A Amplifier

    Class XD™ amplification designed to eliminate crossover distortion at low signal levels New balanced volume topology controllable in 1dB steps, giving very fine control, and superbly accurate channel balance Audiophile grade oversize toroidal transformer and substantial extruded heatsink allowing 2 x 120 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms or 2 x 200W into 4 ohms. Separate transformer taps for left and right channels, twin rectifiers and separate PSUs for dual mono operation of the left and right power amplifiers A separate toroidal transformer supplies the preamp making the 851A effectively a Pre and Power amp combination in one box CAP5 protection technology for trouble free operation Acoustically damped full metal chassis with thick brushed aluminium front panel Customisable front panel display Balanced and unbalanced analogue audio inputs for superior connectivity RS232 controllable Eco-friendly <0.5W Standby power consumption

    $2,699 - $2,699
  12. Cambridge Audio 651W Amplifier

    The Azur 651W is a two channel power amplifier, designed specifically to be partnered with a high quality digital pre-amplifier such as the Stream Magic 6. By separating out power amplifier functionality, our engineers were able to give this amplifier the time and dedication that it needs to deliver the ultimate performance. By featuring both fully balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue audio inputs, the 651W is, of course, designed to work in perfect synergy with a dedicated Cambridge Audio pre-amplifier. By connecting a digital pre-amplifier such the Stream Magic 6, the 651W provides the powerhouse in a truly astonishing digital music system! Specifications: - Power output: - 100W per channel into 8 Ohms - 150W per channel into 4 Ohms - THD (unweighted): - < 0.001% 1 kHz - < 0.005% 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Frequency response: 5Hz – 80kHz +-1dB - SN ratio (ref 1W 8 Ohn): > 90dB (unweighted) - Sensitivity: - 1.5V rms unbalanced - 1.5 + 1.5V rms balanced - Input…

    $1,299 - $1,349
  13. Yamaha AS2100 Amplifier

    This is a top integrated amplifier that has inherited the new sound of Yamaha in the pursuit of rich musicality. The basic design of the power amp circuit adopts Yamaha’s own, uniquely developed Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier technology. Adopting output elements with the same polarity on the plus and minus sides of the output stage, and also completely separating the NFB circuit and power supply into total of four plus and minus sides of the left and right channels, results in thoroughly symmetric push-pull operation of the output stage, Completely floating the entire power amp circuit from the ground removes any negative impact of minute voltage fluctuations or ground noise. Moreover, the output elements are comprised of MOSFETs, which provide a warm and natural sonic character.

    $3,999 - $3,999
  14. Cambridge Audio 851E Amplifier

    This true analogue preamplifier delivers an incredibly pure signal. The 851E delivers so little harmonic distortion and adds so little noise to incoming signals that we can barely measure it. In preamplifiers, that's a very good thing! Specifications: - THD (unweighted): - < 0.00045% @ 1kHz - < 0.00057% @ 20kHz - SN (unweighted): - < 110dBr - < 90dBu - Frequency response: 10Hz - 100kHz ± 0.1dB - Crosstalk @1kHz: > 110dB - Maximum output: - 8V rms unbalanced - 8V + 8V rms balanced - Output impedance :100 Ohms (Unbalanced or Balanced) - Subwoofer output: Flat or 200Hz 2nd Order Butterworth LPF - Max power consumption: 36W - Bass & Treble controls: - Shelving type - Max bass boostcut ± 10 dB at 10 Hz - Max treble boostcut ± 7.5 dB at 20 kHz - Standby power consumption: <0.5W - Dimensions (H x W x D) :115 x 430 x 385mm (4.5 x 16.9 x 15.2’’) - Weight: 8.1kg (17.9lbs)

  15. Yamaha AS701 Amplifier

    The amplifier design technology from Yamaha is called ToP-ART which features an input to output with a direct symmetrical design. The signal is simple and direct, therefore it is less likely to be affected by noise and distortion. The left and right channels are organized in a straight, symmetrical layout for the highest signal purity. The quality of each individual part, as well as how they work together, basically determines the sound quality of this component. Yamaha uses only very high quality parts, carefully selected and tested for their sound properties.

    $893 - $1,199
  16. Cambridge Audio CP2 Amplifier

    Make the most of any turntable, including the most high-end audiophile models with this Moving Magnet & Moving Coil phono preamplifier. However most hi-fi amplifiers wont let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But its very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why weve designed the CP2 using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it.The CP2 works with all turntables, whichever type of cartridge they use. Like the CP1 it works with popular Moving Magnet cartridges. But it also works with Moving Coil cartridges found in the highest-end audiophile turntables offering even more accuracy and detail than Moving Magnet. Even if your amplifier does have a built-in phono stage, its well worth bypassing it using the CP2 to deliver much greater depth and detail.

  17. Rotel RB1581 Amplifier

    The RB1581 is the ultimate in Class AB power amplification delivering a massive 500 watts of output into 8 ohms. This mono block amplifier powers even the most demanding speakers yet accurately reproduces the details of your audio. Utilizing the Rotel Balanced Design Concept in the PCB circuit layout, custom designed and Rotel factory build oversized toroidal transformer, high efficiency slit foil capacitors in the power supply and discrete power transistors the RB1581 is pure performance.

  18. Vincent KHV-1 Amplifier

    Type: Hybrid headphone amplifier, stereo Lamps: 2 x 12AX7 Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz + / - 0.5 dB Output power per channel (W): 400 mW (300 ohms) 1.75 W (32 W) S / N ratio: > 90 dB Input impedance: 47k Input sensitivity: 600 mV Inputs: 2 x RCA (CD / AUX) 1 x headphone jack 6.3 mm Outputs: 1 x RCA Pre-out Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 265 x 210 mm Weight: 4 kg

  19. Pro-Ject PhonoBox Amplifier

    Key features:Phono preamplifier, to suit MM & MC cartridgesPrecise RIAA equalisation, low noise integrated circuitsOutput stage with ultra-low impedance, back-panel MM/MC mode switchWarranty: 2 yearSpecifications:Input impedance, MM: 47kohms/120pFInput impedance, MC: 100ohms/120pFGain, MM: 40dBOutput voltage typically: 300mV/1kHz at 3mV/1kHz (MM input)Gain, MC: 60dBOutput voltage typically: 300mV/1kHz at 0.3mV/1kHz (MC input)Max. output: 9.5V (1kHz)Noise floor, MM: 86dB (94dB - A weighted)Noise floor, MC: 68dB (75dB - A weighted)THD, MM: 0.01%THD, MC: 0.05%RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy: 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0.5dBOutboard power supply: 18V/200mA DC, suitable for your country's mains supplyStandby power consumption:

  20. Aaron ZA100 Amplifier

    Utility Amplifier for use as a zone amplifier computer amplifier or MP3 amplifier etc. Distortion: Is less than 0.02% at rated output Sensivity: 0.5v Technical specifications for ZA-100 Model: ZA-100 Woofer: (mm) MR: (mm) Tweeter: (mm) Frequency: 20-20 (Hz - kHz) Sensitivity: 0.5V (dbSPL) Nominal Impedance: (ohms) Cabinet Dimensions: 41.9 x 23.5 x 7.4 (WxDxH) Amplifier Power: 70 per ch (Watts) Weight: 5.00 (Kg)

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