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  1. The Pioneer Stereo Amplifier’s housing in the classic hi-fi format features an integrated Bluetooth receiver in addition to the phone input and four line-in jacks, a tape output and the radio component. Screw type speaker terminals compatible with thick cables Bluetooth wireless technology Auto standby FL display Sleep timer SR remote control If you do not have a subwoofer, the Pioneer Stereo Amplifier can counteract thin sound with its selectable Ultra Heavy Bass sound tuning. With the source direct circuit and its two powerful 100 watt output stages, the amplifier that can be controlled remotely is a pure joy in purist mode. With the integrated Bluetooth receiver, you can easily send your favourite songsfrom any app to the system from your smartphone or tablet. Added flexibility is provided by A/B speaker switching that allows you to connect to independent pairs of speakers to solid screw terminals for selection, a headphone connection and even a subwoofer output.

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  2. Featuring A-20 Direct Energy Design amplifiers with Symmetrical Construction, giving you class-leading, high-quality sound. This 50W Stereo Amplifier with Aluminium Panels by Pioneer has been designed to deliver high-quality sound, wrapped in understated, technical elegance. The polished, brushed aluminum front panel comes with control knobs for Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance and Input Source selection. A range of tactile buttons finetune Loudness, Direct Mode and Speaker A/B. The rear panel provides immediate connectivity to Aux-In, Network, Recorder, Speaker A + B and ‘Source Direct Mode’ devices, ensuring you can play your favourite music and movies with ease. Highlights Direct Energy Design Amp Symmetrical Power Amp Clean Ground Construction Isolated Power Supply Source Direct Mode Trans-Stabilizer Speaker A, B, A+B Selector

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  3. The SWAMP PS-3.0 is a dual channel power amp capable of delivering 300W of continuous power to (2x) two 8 ohm passive speakers. Given a load of 4 ohm the amp outputs 450W, whilst in bridge mode, the amp outputs 700W at 8 ohms.

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  4. New Powervox 2800 Watt 4 Channel Car Amplifier Black

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  5. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. The Powervox car amplifier is your solution to that extra power your sound system needs. Whether its standard or modified the Powervox amp will suit your application. The flexibility of this amplifier will surprise you with its capabilities.The amplifier will rock those tunes with its high output power. Not only does it perform it also sports a stylish exterior with decent dimensions whether its located in the boot or hidden away.

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  6. T-AMP 2 x 15W TA2024 Digital Audio Amplifier Board Feature: 1. The power to more than 12V current 3A 2. The speaker is best to use an impedance of 4 ohms, some of the high sensitivity 3. For some signal level is relatively low tone, to add the preamplifier to play the effect 4. Note the positive and negative can not be reversed, use the power supply Electrical Characteristics: Its own digital processing technology It requires a single + 12V power supply Output Power (per channel @ VS = 12V): 15W per channel (4 10% THD + Noise) 10W per channel (40.1% THD + Noise) Simple engineering evaluation platform for Tripath Technology TA2024C products. Fidelity performance generally refers to: 0.04% total harmonic distortion plus noise (9Wrms, 4) 0.18% intermodulation distortion (1Wrms, 4) Efficiency -> 88% @ full power (RL = 8) Up to 15w per channel are without heat sink MUTE and SLEEP input. Integration of generating sonic boom noise can be eliminated when the switch circuit. Intelligent short circuit protection. Intelligent overheating protection It can be connected to any passive 4 / 8 speakers. Sound system is compatible with any standard audio cable. Package included: 1 x T-AMP 2 x 15W TA2024 Digital Audio Amplifier Board

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  7. New Powervox 5600 Watt 4 Channel Car Amplifier Black

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  8. Efficient Class D design occupies little space and requires no ventilation, yet proivdes 20W RMS x 2CH output. It accepts two line level sources, with the internal Bluetooth receiver acting as the third input.Switchable limiter provides protection against being over driven in permanent installations. Switchable loudness countour greatly improves overall sound quality when played a low levles in office or home enviornments. 9-pin serial interface allows RS-232 control by external devices. Features Bluetooth receiver for wireless high fidelity audio fromportable devices< Audio inputs: RCA x 2/ 3.5 Mini Jack Bluetooth connection Internal Microphone RS232 Controller Input Selection VOL/ TREBLE/ BASS/ BALANCE Adjustment Limit and Loudness ON/ OFF switch (DIP switch) Stereo/ Mono Selectable Speaker output: Terminal Blocks DC24V Input Jack Specifications Output power: 2×17 W @ 4O THD1% RMS ( 2×20W MAX) Frequency Response: 35Hz~50KHz(-3dB) Input Sensitivity: 330mV (17W 4O) Input Impedance (Audio): 10K Power input: DC 24 V Power consumption: 40W(17W 1% 4O ) Bridge mode support 40W for speak out (Mono. Type)

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  9. Car Sub Woofer Amplifier Speakers W/ Inbuilt Amp Cables

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  10. Description: 1. The power supply can be accessed from a DC outlet or a terminal block. 2. Audio can be from 3.5mm socket, or 3P socket audio input interface, such as: computer, MP3 player, etc. 3. Bass volume potentiometer, which can independently adjust the bass output volume. 4. Left and right channel volume potentiometer, can adjust the left and right channel output volume at the same time. 5. Treble adjustment potentiometer, adjustable left and right channel treble gain output. 6. Switch / total volume potentiometer, with switch can turn off the amplifier / can also adjust the bass and left and right channel output volume. 7. Total potentiometer with default switch Note: The 3P input jack Lin -- is the source left channel input, and the G -- is the source common ground Rin -- is the source right channel input. Parameters: Audio input sensitivity: 600-800mV Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz Speaker impedance: left and right channels: 4-8 ohms, bass channel: 2-8 ohms Dimensions: 101 (W) x 100 (D) x (H) <30mm, excluding potentiometers and socket extensions Operating voltage range: DC11-24V (current 3-4A, or 19-24V/4-5A, if the power requirement is higher than 20-24V/8-9A) such as using AC transformer power supply, it must be rectified and filtered a direct current DC power supply is available for use. Note that the DC no-load voltage should not be greater than 25.5V (this is very important) Supports up to 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) + 100W (bass channel) for three channels. Wide working voltage, energy-saving design, efficiency up to 90%. You can use a good performance switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use a charging bottle, or car power supply, etc... Package included: 1 x TPA3116 digital audio amplifier board

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  11. Car Speaker This 8” flat subwoofer speaker set is the perfect choice for you. These speakers will fit most cars and will provide those ears the sounds they deserve. Feature packed with 500W maximum output power, LED indicator, MDF enclosure, input volume control and an extreme slim design, these speakers will definitely bring out the best in your in-car entertainment to another level. Providing ample power for that track, you will be pumping as well as the combined tweeter bringing those vocals to your ride like it’s live. Features LED indicator RCA line inputs MDF enclosure Built-in amplifier high level input Input volume control Paper cone rubber edge Extreme slim design Circuit protection for overheat / overload / short circuit Max output power: 500W (250W x 2) Rate power: 60W (30W x 2) Output impedance: 4|,+4|, Frequency: 160Hz S/N: 91dB Max current consumption: 10A Voltage: 14.4V (10V-16V) Dimensions: 24 × 35 × 7.5cm p{font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em}. Package Contentss 1 x Speakers 1 x User Guide

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  12. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. This 8 flat subwoofer speaker set is the perfect choice for you. These speakers will fit most cars and will provide those ears the sounds they deserve.Feature packed with 500W maximum output power LED indicator MDF enclosure input volume control and an extreme slim design these speakers will definitely bring out the best in your in-car entertainment to another level. Providing ample power for that track you will be pumping as well as the combined tweeter bringing those vocals to your ride like its live.

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  13. Specifications: Power supply:external electricity (AC100-240V) USB sample rate support :16-24Bit, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KH Output Power: 2000mW (32 load) Gain: +18 dB Distortion: 0.01% (1KHz) Crosstalk:110dB Impedance: 6 ~ 800 Size: 105mm x 23mm x 12m Package Included: 1 x Xduoo TA-10 Headphone Amplifier 1 x Power Cable 1 x Manual

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  14. RADIAL X-Amp Active Re-Amplifier.

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  15. Nux Acoustic 30 Digital Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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  16. Designed to hold smaller amplifiers and speakers in a wedge position to aid with stage monitoring / foldback. Ideal for 5W to 30W size guitar amps. A versatile adjustment piece enables a wide range of wedge angles to be achieved.

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  17. Guitar Amp Foldback Stand. Designed to hold smaller amplifiers and speakers in a wedge position to aid with stage monitoring / foldback. Ideal for 5W to 30W size guitar amps. Range of possible wedge angles.

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  18. Nux MIGHTY 50X Programmable Digital Guitar Amplifier

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  19. Nux Frontline 30 - Guitar Combo Amplifier 30 Watts

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  20. The JOYO DC-15 is a Digital Guitar Amplifier, suitable for beginners to professionals. The amp features gain and volume controls, plus an easy to use tone control, to get that ideal guitar sound.

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