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Amplifiers & Receivers tamron 17 50

  1. Pioneer A50 Amplifiers

    This highly efficient, integrated Class D amplifier is built for the digital age. The evolved compact circuit structure is tailored to provide quick response and deliver the closest possible reproduction of the artist's original performance. The internal circuit layout uses the shortest signal…

  2. Yamaha WXC50 Amplifier

    The WXC50 gets a set of preouts, and optical and coaxial digital outputs. Power consumption in standy is said to be less than 2W. Yamaha has specified an ESS Sabre9006AS DAC  for both units, a high output digital amp for the WXA50 and uses a rigid metal chassis for optimum performance. Other…

    $445 - $449
  3. Yamaha WXA50 Amplifier

    The WXA 50 is a flexible 2.1 channel amplifier capable of effortlessly powering any pair of speakers. Its convenient design makes it perfect to pair with in ceiling or outdoor speakers where long speaker cable runs are not possible. The WXA 50 is a new concept audio component that goes beyond…

    $645 - $699
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  1. The SWAMP PS-4.5 is a dual channel power amp capable of delivering 450W of continuous power to (2x) two 8 ohm passive speakers. Given a load of 4 ohm the amp outputs 600W, whilst in bridge mode, the amp outputs 800W at 8 ohms.

    + Shipping: $23.71
  2. New Powervox 5600 Watt 4 Channel Car Amplifier Black

    + Shipping
  3. Car Sub Woofer Amplifier Speakers W/ Inbuilt Amp Cables

    + Shipping
  4. Specifications: Power Input: AC12 or AC15V, you can also input DC15V (any one of them) PCB Size: 90*45MM Potentiometer Spacing: 20MM The potentiometers are from left to right: bass control, treble control, left and right balance control, volume control Package includes: 1 X LM1036 Luxurious Volume…

    FREE shipping
  5. New Powervox 2800 Watt 4 Channel Car Amplifier Black

    + Shipping
  6. Feature: The sound quality is very good, big power. DIP switches can be adjusted directly after the amp gain more respect and better promote greater damping horn. Specification: Chip: TDA7492P Power: 2.1 interface 8-25V DC power supply Audio input: CSR8635 Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V4.0(stereo…

    FREE shipping
  7. Nux Frontline 30 - Guitar Combo Amplifier 30 Watts

    FREE shipping
  8. Feature: 1. Using high-power non-sense resistance, good stability, support high temperature working. 2. When the circuit is shorted, the fuse will automatically disconnect and protective equipment. 3. Fine craft of solid part, cooperate with reasonable motherboard, not easy to appear failure. 4.…

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  9. Artist AC40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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  10. PIEXI SOUND Description: This small amplifier with true clean tone and radical distortion allow the practice of electric guitar without disturbing others. light weight and compact design, easy to carry. built in distortion effect. Designed with 3 adjuster: Drive, Tone, Vol. 6.35mm / 0.25in plug,…

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  11. Isolation platforms are used to float a guitar amp / cabinet or a foldback speaker and are useful in both live performance and studio recording situations where you need acoustic isolation from the ground.

    + Shipping: $4.18
  12. Nux Acoustic 30 Digital Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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  13. Description: 1. The power supply can be accessed from a DC outlet or a terminal block. 2. Audio can be from 3.5mm socket, or 3P socket audio input interface, such as: computer, MP3 player, etc. 3. Bass volume potentiometer, which can independently adjust the bass output volume. 4. Left and right…

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  14. New NuX DA30 - 30 Watt Electronic Drum Monitor Amplifier

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  15. Nux MIGHTY 50X Programmable Digital Guitar Amplifier

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  16. Description: 1. Digital pulse-width-modulated regulated power supply. 2. Mosfet power supply devices. 3. Fully complementary discrete audio stages. 4. Direct coupled output stage. 5. Discrete output transistors. 6. Low overall negative feedback. 7. 2 ohm stable in stereo mode. 8. Bridgeable to mono…

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  17. With the ability to run off 10 x 1.5Volt AA batteries, the amp can travel anywhere, and at just 2.9kg is able to be slipped over the shoulder with the attached shoulder strap to carry around with ease.

    + Shipping: $13.70
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