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  1. Ant Bully - Warner Brothers (Blu-Ray)
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  2. Avatar: Extended Collection Edition - 20th Century Fox
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  3. Computer-animated children’s comedy following the adventures had by a group of New York pets after their owners leave the house. Pampered terrier Max (voice of Louis C.K.) is shocked when his owner brings home a huge, sloppy mongrel named Duke (Eric Stonestreet) from the dog pound. An intense rivalry quickly sparks between the two pets, with a jealous Max desperate to regain the attention he once had. However, the duo must put their differences to one side when cunning rabbit Snowball (Kevin Hart) begins to build an army of neglected ex-pets intent on getting revenge on all happily-owned pets and their owners. With the help of the other animals in his Manhattan building, Max must put a stop to Snowball’s evil schemes before it’s too late. The film also includes the voice talents of Steve Coogan, Jenny Slate and Lake Bell.
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  4. Conrad Helten directs this children’s animation in which Barbie (voice of Britt Irvin) and her two friends Teresa (Jenny Pellicer) and Renee (Rachel Staman) are talented gymnasts who are recruited by a spy agency and become top-secret agents! The trio are tasked with taking down an elusive jewel thief with the help of Percy the robo-dog and some high-tech gadgets.
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  5. Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Series Collection DVD from DVDLand. Yuta Togashi has a problem. He used to be a "chunibyo," one of the thousands of Japanese students so desperate to stand out that they've literally convinced themselves that they have secret knowledge and hidden powers. But now that he's starting high school, he's determined to put aside his delusions and face life head on. The trouble is Rikka Takanashi, his upstairs neighbor, is just a little bit delusional herself. And she knows all about his past indiscretions.
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  6. Magi The Kingdom of Magic Season 2 Part 1 DVD from DVDLand. In order to realize their objectives, the adventurers each embark on a new journey. Aladdin sets his sights on the land of Magnoshutatt to study magic while Alibaba travels to the Leam Empire to challenge the gladiators of the coliseum. Morgiana sets sail towards her homeland of Katarg, and Hakuryu returns to the Kou Empire… Equipped with a charm to mask his powers of a Magi, Aladdin arrives to Magnoshutatt with another goal—to investigate this nation’s relation with the Al-Tharmen—the power behind the “Abnormalities of the World.” Meanwhile, the royal family of the Kou Empire was in mourning for their Emperor’s passing and is shocked when the throne is passed on to someone they had not expected. An ominous cloud loomed over the Empire as the flames of revenge burned within Hakuryu. The Magi of the Leam Empire, Scheherazade, also sensed this threat from across the se...
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  9. The ACC96AU LEGO Movie 4K Ultra HD (Avail: In Stock )
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