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  1. Apple HomePod Speaker

    The new sound of home. HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing and adapts to wherever it’s playing. It’s the ultimate music authority, bringing together Apple Music and Siri to learn your taste in music.1 It’s also an intelligent home assistant, capable of handling everyday tasks — and controlling your smart home.2 HomePod takes the listening experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning. A breakthrough speaker all round. We completely re-imagined how music should sound in the home. HomePod combines Apple‑engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest‑fidelity sound throughout the room, no matter where it’s placed. This elegantly designed, compact speaker really rocks the house. Deep bass. Engineered to bring down the house. We built the high‑excursion woofer with a custom‑engineered amplifier to play a wide range of deep, rich bass. A powerful motor drives the diaphragm a full 20 millimetres — remarkable for a…

    $497 - $589.95
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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : Home Automation Made Easy : Paperback : Pearson Education (US) : 9780789751249 : 0789751240 : 02 Dec 2013 : Absolutely no experience needed! Make your home smarter, safer, and more fun—and save money, too!   Home automation is finally practical, useful, and easy! Now, you can control your home exactly the way you want to, without paying monthly fees. This book shows how to do it all yourself, with today’s simpler, more reliable, less expensive technologies.   Dennis C. Brewer first makes sure you’re comfortable with wiring basics and safety, and then guides you through installing, setting up, and...

    FREE shipping
  2. Free Delivery Worldwide : Experiences of Test Automation : Paperback : Pearson Education (US) : 9780321754066 : 0321754069 : 17 Feb 2012 : Software test automation has moved beyond a luxury to become a necessity. Applications and systems have grown ever larger and more complex, and manual testing simply cannot keep up. As technology changes, and more organizations move into agile development, testing must adapt—and quickly. Test automation is essential, but poor automation is wasteful—how do you know where your efforts will take you? Authors Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster wrote the field’s seminal text,Software Test Automation...

    FREE shipping
  3. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation in the Laboratory : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471185499 : 0471185493 : 28 Sep 1995 : This book will serve as a reference, a general introductory volume on laboratory automation for industrial and academic scientists. The reader can focus on a particular technology and obtain sufficient information, or read the entire book for a comprehensive view of the field of lab automation.

    FREE shipping
  4. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation in the Steel Industry: Current Practice and Future Developments : Paperback : ELSEVIER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY : 9780080430294 : 0080430295 : 08 May 1998 : The IFAC International Workshop on Automation in the Steel Industry: Current Practice and Future Development (ASI'97) was held in Kyongju, Korea from 16th to 18th July 1997. This title presents papers covering various processes in the steel industry. It also covers technologies such as fuzzy control, neural networks, and robust control.

    FREE shipping
  5. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation: Automation: Genomic and Functional Analyses Automation: Volume 28 Volume 28 : Hardback : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc : 9780125215275 : 0125215274 : 03 Feb 1999 : Describes automated procedures used in microbiology and molecular biology. This book includes developments in robotics and vision systems. It features automation in library picking, presentation and analysis. It discusses paralogous duplications in microbial genomes. It also covers deciphering genomes through automated large-scale sequencing.

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  6. Free Delivery Worldwide : Industrial Automation : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471600718 : 0471600717 : 19 Jul 1989 : The first book to combine all of the various topics relevant to low-cost automation. Practical approach covers methods immediately applicable to industrial problems, showing how to select the most appropriate control method for a given application, then design the necessary circuit.

    FREE shipping
  7. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation, Control and Complexity : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471816546 : 047181654X : 02 Aug 2000 : This text focuses on the management of complex automated systems encountered in industrial research and covers specific technologies and application domains that are cross-disciplinary. It offers broad discussions on the many related perspectives and presents detailed case studies.

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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Age of Automation : Hardback : ABC-CLIO : 9780275951948 : 0275951944 : 30 Aug 1995 : This work compares the advantages and disadvantages of the age of automation. It points out that the disadvantages can be seen as very serious. For example, fraud, job losses, a lowering of net skills, invasion of privacy, ovedependence on technology and more.

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  9. Free Delivery Worldwide : Computer Automation in Manufacturing : Hardback : Chapman and Hall : 9780412602306 : 041260230X : 01 Jan 1996 : o Computer Automation in Manufacturing provide instruction in computer architecture, interfacing to mechanical systems, and software development for continuous control and discrete event systems. This is accomplished by presenting theoretical material and hands-on laboratory experiments.

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  10. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation and the Worker : Hardback : ABC-CLIO : 9780313242229 : 0313242224 : 05 Dec 1983

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  11. Free Delivery Worldwide : Library Automation in Transitional Societies : Hardback : Oxford University Press : 9780195132625 : 0195132629 : 03 Feb 2000 : This is a collection of papers from a 1997 conference that attempted to assess the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's efforts to modernize Eastern European libraries after the fall of communism. Looking primarily at Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the international panel of contributors cover library automation, library policy, and management strategy.

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  12. Free Delivery Worldwide : Marketing Automation For Dummies : Paperback : John Wiley & Sons Inc : 9781118772225 : 1118772229 : 13 May 2014 : Multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns with marketing automation Marketing automation technology has been shown to dramatically increase lead conversions and average deal sizes as well as improving forecasting and customer segmentation.

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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Low Cost Automation 1992: Volume 13 : Hardback : ELSEVIER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY : 9780080417165 : 0080417167 : 26 Nov 1993 : Talks about the symposium Low Cost Automation, 1992, whose main aim was to bring together end-users and control system specialists to evaluate the possibilities for improvement of techniques, design procedures, components and instruments to encourage low cost automation. The technical sessions dealt with topics from process automation.

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  14. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation in Library Reference Services : Hardback : ABC-CLIO : 9780313278372 : 0313278377 : 01 Dec 1992 : The future of reference librarianship as a viable part of the library depends on developing a proactive, participatory approach to automation. This book aims to pull together the important elements of change likely to influence library information services and to explain them in clear terms.

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  15. Free Delivery Worldwide : Manufacturing, Automation Systems and CIM Factories : Hardback : Chapman and Hall : 9780412482304 : 0412482304 : 01 Jan 1994 : This book provides an overview of advanced manufacturing technology in Japan. It describes the prevalent manufacturing engineering concepts and highlights the current applications, technologies and systems in Japanese manufacturing industry.

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  16. Free Delivery Worldwide : Marketing Automation : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780470125427 : 047012542X : 11 Sep 2007 : In today's market, it takes more than good products and services to succeed. Successful marketing requires more precise segmentation and more sophisticated communications with customers--the lifeblood of every business--than ever before.

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  17. Free Delivery Worldwide : Automation: Automation: Genomic and Functional Analyses Automation: Volume 28 Volume 28 : Paperback : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc : 9780121948603 : 0121948609 : 13 Apr 1999 : Offers an explanation of the experimental techniques. This book discusses the clone library construction, genome analysis, sequencing, computation data evaluation and functional analysis. It describes automated procedures used in microbiology and molecular biology and includes developments in robotics and vision systems.

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  18. Free Delivery Worldwide : Insider's Guide to Library Automation : Hardback : ABC-CLIO : 9780313283659 : 0313283656 : 18 May 1993 : As libraries become automated, librarians confront a new set of problems. This volume offers case studies of the experiences of librarians who had to solve problems related to automation. Topics discussed include the selection and installation of automation systems and database maintenance.

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  19. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Automation Hysteria : Paperback : WW Norton & Co : 9780393003765 : 0393003760 : 17 Oct 1966

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