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Archos 5 Internet 160GB



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ARCHOS is once again bringing new technologies into the hands of its users. The new ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet is combining all the know-how and renowned expertise of multimedia with the hot new environment developed with Google: the Android platform. In this new era of open source and collaboration, applications and software are blooming throughout the world. Everyday sees a new gold nugget that will overwhelm the market. That's the magic behind the common and shared environment of Android, anyone can create a best-seller. There is so many fun games out there and so many cool applications that it would be a pity to not give you access to them. Here comes the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet. With its sleek and advanced list of features, it truly achieves the convergence of the Internet, entertainment, TV, and GPS in one device, letting you discover and download lots of applications and games while performing the best multimedia experience of a handheld device.

Display Size Inch 4.8
Processor Speed GHz 0.8
Installed RAM GB 0.25
Hard Drive Capacity GB 160