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  1. This instructive book presents excellent annotated line drawings of anatomical structure for the beginning artist, explaining the subject in simple terms, identifying parts of the body and demonstrating physical activities through the author's sketches. Chapters cover the human skeleton, head and neck, torso, arm, hand, leg, foot, and musculature. 179 black-and-white illustrations.
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  2. As the first German democracy, the Weimar Republic (1918–33) is indelibly associated with crisis and transition, bridging as it did the fall of the German Empire and the rise of the totalitarian regime of National Socialism. Numerous artists at the time portrayed these years through an array of ironical, grotesque, and critical-analytical works, many of which also aimed to challenge the status quo and bring about social change. This innovative volume portrays the fight for democracy in the Weimar Republic as seen by more than sixty artists, from Otto Dix and George Grosz to Dodo, Jeanne Mammen, and Christian Schad. From the glamor of the Golden Twenties to the dark depths of a world undergoing rapid change, the penetrating content of this volume recreates the age of the Weimar Republic, illuminating big-city life and the entertainment scene as well as controversial topics such as censorship, prostitution, and political corruption. From Berlin to Munich and from Rostock to Hannover, this volume paints a broad and multi-layered picture of the Weimar years, showcasing the era’s art from a uniquely sociohistorical perspective. About the AuthorIngrid Pfeiffer is an art historian, author, and curator who lives and works in Germany.
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  3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the world's most perfect pair, come together to form a heart with their open arms. Designed by Pop Artist Romero Britto.
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  4. Fairy sitting on an mirror tunnel protected by two dragons guarding the entrance When lit, the tunnel provides an illusion of infinity The fairy has purple bodice with matching purple and white stockings A desktop decoration for day and night
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  5. Create everything you need for a fabulous party on a budget with over 20 inspirational ideas! Celebrate any occasion in style with a selection of beautiful handmade decorations, cards and gifts. Treat yourself and your guests to delicious party cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other tempting goodies. Adapt the designs to suit the theme of your party, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays, Halloween and Christmas!
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  6. SALES HANDLE: Paper craft is the hot new craft and in this charming book, founders of the popular stationery company Paper + Cup bring their beloved aesthetic to one-of-a-kind projects for beautiful results. DISTINCTIVE: A fresh take on the book-plus model that we do so well with: this time, templates are offered on a dedicated Web site for easy printing and crafting. The book was styled by Randi Brookman Harris and photographed by Johnny Miller, both of whom work on Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings, giving this book an irresistible look and sensibility that will set it apart from the competition. TREND/CONSUMER: Paper crafting is huge right now. It is all over craft blogs such as Design*Sponge and Martha regularly features paper crafts on her show, site, and magazines. This book is perfect for the Martha reader and also has the distinct aesthetic of Paper + Cup which will appeal to the hip crafter audience. VALUE: In addition to instructions for 25 charming projects-accents, accessories, keepsakes,gifts, and more – Paper + Craft is full of stunning photographs by Johnny Miller, making this a beautiful addition to any bookshelf.The book’s downloadable templates add value as well. NOTABLE AUTHOR: Paper + Cup is a well known stationery firm that has received great press from the likes of Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Simple, Domino, Lucky, Instyle and the New York Times. They are well-connected. Their products are sold in 300 retailers including Antrhopologie and Urban Outfitters, as well as in Paperchase in the UK and Pistachio in Canada. RELEVANT SALES INFO: We are also publishing two stationery items with Paper + Cup: The Old School Ledger ($10.95) and the Old School Letter Set ($15.95).
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  7. Peacock and Vine by A.S. Byatt Only from Mighty Ape
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  8. The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies Exercise Book Two by Owen Liversidge Only from Mighty Ape
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  9. Chefs take their tattoos almost as seriously as their knives. From gritty grill cooks in backwoods diners to the executive chefs at the world's most popular restaurants, it's hard to find a cook who doesn't sport some ink. Knives & Ink features...
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  10. �Girls, Gags & Giggles,� ran publisher Robert Harrison�s recipe for dishing up pin-up to the American male. Men loved his tasty dishes, a mixture of strippers and starlets dressed in outfits so fetishistic no one noticed they were never nude. While...
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  11. Are you fascinated by the unknown? ALIENS AND THE UNEXPLAINED explores the fascinating universe of UFOs, aliens and strange phenomena. From alien abductions and conspiracy theories, to crop circles and timetravel quantum physics – you’ll be challenged, excited and left wanting more. • 160 pages • 234 x 153mm • Hardcover -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
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  12. SNACKS: Use the 140 recipes in this book to prepare nourishing and delicious snacks for a host of different occasions. Features yummy snacks like Simple Smoked Salmon Snack, Petits-Fours, pates, fajitas, sorbets, quiches, focaccias and hummus. GRILLING: Who can resist the delicious, smoky flavour of freshly grilled meat, seafood, cheese or vegetables? Here you'll find over 140 recipes for grilling all kinds of food! Includes recipes for mouth-watering favourites such as Cajun Chicken, Sticky Plum Pork Spare Ribs, chutney, sauces, dips and salsas. These healthy dishes can be prepared easily outdoors or on an indoor grill. • Set of 2 books • 320 pages • 225 x 185mm • Paperback • 140 recipes each -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
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  13. According to Ceramics Monthly, most potters glaze their pieces at mid-range temperatures-and this complete studio guide eliminates the guesswork from the popular process. Along with hundreds of recipes, it explores mixing, application, specific firing and cooling cycles, and much more. See how to boost colors, achieve results that equal high-fire glazing, and stretch your boundaries with new techniques.
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  14. Here are 35 projects that will help you learn how to sew. All the instructions and cute step-by-step artworks are easy to follow; plus, each project has a grade so that you can start with easy sewing and move onto using more advanced stitches as you get better at it.
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  15. Hundreds of designs, patterns, borders, doodles, and tangles to guide and inspire...1,000 Tangles, Patterns aDoodled Designs combines hundreds of tangling, illustration, and doodling patterns and designs into one all-encompassing guidebook....
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  16. Orbison Roy The Best of the Soul of Rock and Roll PVG Songbook Bk Only from Mighty Ape
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  17. ‘Letter Art’ features 35 quirky and cool projects to bring a touch of typography to your home. Clare Youngs presents a range of simple projects, using inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, so you can make your very own colourful alphabet.
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  18. Bead and wire jewellery is one of the fastest-growing crafts, with more and more people discovering the joys of making unique, hand-crafted pieces every year. In these recession-hit times, Linda Jones demonstrates how almost anything – from old buttons and broken necklaces, to pebbles picked up on a stroll along the beach, and even household staples such as washers, bolts and plumbing chain – can be transformed into graphic, stylish pieces of jewellery that won’t break the bank. Eye-catching and fashionable, with something to suit all ages and tastes: this is bling on a budget!
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  19. Readers will love discovering dozens of exciting and colourful new ideas for painting on anything in their wardrobe or home that is made out of fabric. Donna’s designs add elegance and boldness and turn plain old denim jeans into eye-catching fashion statements.Home decor fabrics such as tablecloths and silk throw pillows, plus accessories such as handbags and scarves are also personalised with paint.Over 40 different designs are demonstrated step-by-step using Donna’s easy and popular one-stroke technique.
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  20. In this fast, fun quilting guide for anyone who loves to embellish with beads, buttons, and baubles, more than 150 color photos showcase a huge variety of techniques, using everything from conventional beads to shi-sha mirrors, dangles, jewelry, ribbons, lace, and rickrack. Quilters will enjoy crafting an assortment of postcard-sized mini-quiltsperfect for trying out new embellishment techniques and making quick, inexpensive gifts that display artistic skills. With some projects featuring lovely found objects that gain new life on quilts, each quilt idea is explained in descriptive captions, while the text focuses on techniques for attaching slippery, shiny, glittery, or oddly shaped items to quilts. A chapter on design helps beginners plan their projects and covers everything from design basics to knowing when to stop.”
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  1. Get FREE Shipping Today. Provides natural-looking shine finish. Suitable for all hair types. Stong hold directional fixing spray.
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  2. Anyone can create impressive art quilts just by applying basic principles of art and design. Master quilter Lyric Kinard shares her secrets for success through a variety of techniques, exercises, and insider tips to inspire novice quilters and experienced textile artists to make art. Learn to understand, appreciate, and create works of art one step at a time. Quilt + Art simplifies the basic fundamentals of art and teaches the reader the underlying principles of the visual language. Explore texture, shape, line, color, and value with examples and hands-on exercises. Examine essential principles such as focal point, balance, repetition, scale, and space with creativity exercises to help bring home the point. Guest essays, guest artwork, and inspiring artwork from the author allow readers to analyze how other artists utilize key artistic elements or principles and see how to successfully use these elements in their own work. Quilt + Art is a personal creativity coach to designing stunning art with fabric and thread. Whether you want to create art quilts as a hobby or as a professional artist, Lyric helps readers clarify their goals and take their craft to the next level through design and composition.
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  3. The Viore Design – Fiorena Art Glass Table Lamp Polished Chrome is a stunning and beautiful piece of art which is able to create a wonderful and modern day look in your home with a touch of charm and excitement. This table lamp features a floral pattern printed right around the lamp shade which complements the polished chrome base. Featuring 1 light it is designed to accommodate for E27 60W globes and stands 53cm high. This table lamp is beautiful in appearance and can be placed in a living room, dining room, bedroom, and hallway to create an inviting, warm and beautiful look to your home. Features: Base: OLA01C-T Shade: SAV01-SH Height: 53cm (total Height) Shade dia: 35 x 15cm Finish: polished chrome or satin chrome base Bulb: 1 x E27 60w max Fabrics: N/A
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  4. This childrens pencil case from Bobble Art is large enough to hold lots of textas, pens, pencils and a 30cm ruler. Great for school, kindy or home. Matching designs are available in backpacks, drink bottles and lunch boxes for those who want a matching set. Features: Measures – 32cm long x 15cm wide Internal name card holder and keyring Made from soft PVC material Polyester lining Wipe clean exterior
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