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Choosing a Mattress for Your Kids

16/09/2011 3:21:24 PM

The average person will spend about a third of their life in bed sleeping. We need this time to rest and be rejuvenated for the next day.

The average person will spend about a third of their life in bed sleeping. We need this time to rest and be rejuvenated for the next day. It is a requirement in order to function in the correct manner. Everyone should have a mattress that allows them to be alert and full of energy the next day. This is especially the case for little children because they are still developing physically. The following article will discuss a few things that you should keep in mind in reference to choosing a mattress for your kids.



Children need mattresses with support too. Many paediatricians believe that children should have firmer mattress. Their bodies are still growing. Their spine needs to have the proper support at all times, which is probably not going to happen with a softer mattress. You do not want to purchase a soft mattress for a child because this will end up causing back and spine problems in the future. Therefore, when shopping for your kids, a firmer mattress is a safer bet than a soft one.



Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing mattresses for their children, some parents will purchase the cheapest twin mattresses on the showroom floor. This is not a good thing to do. Remember that children still need support in order to continue growing properly. Cheap mattresses will only cause problems on down the road. 


Continued Growth

When it comes to purchasing mattresses for your kids, pricing is a tricky thing. They are still growing. There is the possibility that they may outgrow the mattresses that you just spend a load of money on. For example, does it really make sense to pay for an expensive twin bed when your child will need to upgrade to a full sized bed in the next few years? That is a personal decision that only you can make, but consider your child’s future health when making this decision.



Childhood is a time when many people get the most allergies. As a parent, you have to make sure that the mattress materials do not cause allergic reactions. If you know that your child is prone to allergies, then check into anti microbial or organic mattresses. Also, be wary about coloured mattresses because they contain dyes that might cause an allergic reaction in your child. The same thing goes for fire retardant mattresses because of the chemicals that they contain. 



There are certain types of mattresses that better choices than others when it comes to children. Latex mattresses do not place as much pressure on the hips, spine, head or shoulders. These mattresses are affordable and very durable. However, keep in mind that many children might be allergic to latex. 

On the other hand, other mattresses would not be a good fit for children, such as memory foam. Children are active people, sometimes even while they are sleeping. Memory foam is very firm and shapes itself to your body according to your body heat. For the child who tosses and turns during the night, or one who is a rough sleeper, this would be a very restrictive type of mattress for your child. Besides, this is a more expensive mattress.


In conclusion, there are plenty of good selections to choose from when you are trying to choose a mattress for your kids. Resist the urge to get the cheapest bed in the store and remember that they need mattresses that are comfortable and supportive too. 

Price is usually an issue when it comes to children’s mattresses because you do not want to spend too much when they will outgrow it soon, but you should not go cheap and risk the chance that their cheap mattress will cause major back or spine problems on down the road. Only your own personal preference can help you make this decision. Hopefully this article has provided a few good tips on how to choose wisely.


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