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Finding a New Oven – Top Tips for the Hobby Cook

16/09/2011 4:38:27 PM

Shopping for a new oven can be fun, especially with the range of features and additions available these days.

Shopping for a new oven can be fun, especially with the range of features and additions available these days. If you’re a hobby cook and spend plenty of time working with your oven, choosing a new oven is an important decision.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a new oven for your kitchen.


Gas or Electric

The choice between gas and electric can be more difficult for some people than they expect. Gas is usually cheaper to run and many professional chefs swear by the results they get when cooking with gas. Electric ovens can sometimes dry out food if you don’t use a fan when cooking. Cooking times are often faster with gas and baking seems to turn in better results. Unfortunately, not every household in Australia has access to gas.

New electric ovens are very versatile. The often contain multifunction features, including convection fans to circulate heat more evenly around the oven.

Another point to remember is that changes in technology used for electric ovens can make these very economical to run. Cooking results when using an electric oven are almost identical to what you can expect when cooking with gas. In fact, some of the newer models are capable of reducing cooking times and turning in brilliant quality meals. 



The days of standard oven controls are long gone. Standard temperature control knobs and timer dials have been replaced in many models to include digital control settings. These are more precise, easier to program and look modern in any kitchen.

A range of ovens has been release featuring a touch-screen control panel, including multiple preset functions for whatever dish you want to cook.



The design and finish you choose for your oven will affect the overall appearance of your kitchen. Finishes in stainless steel look modern, but black can look sleek and elegant. 

Professional oven ranges, featuring double ovens and multiple stove-top cookers look spectacular in larger kitchens. They also show off your ability to cook before you even step into the room. 

Yet, there are some stunning rustic-style ovens still available. These feature designs that make them look straight out of a country cottage, but they contain all the modern cooking features you expect from a modern oven.


Freestanding or Wall Oven

A freestanding oven already has a grill and cook top burners built into the same unit. This should fit neatly into the existing space between cupboards you have in your kitchen. The price you see on a freestanding oven is the price you pay for those features.

However, you can install a wall oven in lower cupboard space or install it in the joinery at waist height. This reduces the need to bend over to take food out of the oven. 

Keep in mind that buying a wall oven will mean shopping for a separate cook top as well. Your budget will need to cover the purchase of two separate items, plus installation into your bench top and cupboard. 


Oven Size

Older ovens are often very small inside. This can make it hard to cook a large roast, or cook multiple items for a large family or dinner party. Many new ovens feature wide designs to fit wide baking trays and large meals. 

If you’re the type of cook who prefers to have several things cooking at the same time, you might consider a double oven. This lets you roast dinner in one section and bake dessert in the other at the same time.


Personal Choice

The biggest factor in choosing a new oven is your own personal preference. Always go with what suits you and your cooking style. Only you know what works best with your style and your own recipes. Shop around and compare prices until you find the right oven that will complement your own flair.


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