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Fix Your Back with a New Mattress

21/09/2011 2:04:02 PM

Some of the worst back problems develop over time because people do not sleep on the right mattresses. If a child is sleeping on the wrong mattress, simple back problems might develop later on in life.


Some of the worst back problems develop over time because people do not sleep on the right mattresses. If a child is sleeping on the wrong mattress, simple back problems might develop later on in life. If left unattended for a time, it is more difficult to correct such problems, but it is not impossible. 

The trick is to find out which types of mattresses are suitable for your situation and work from there. The following article will discuss a few tips to consider if you want to fix your back by purchasing a more suitable mattress



The perfect mattress is not too hard or too soft and provides plenty of support for the spine. It has to be able to provide support for your heaviest body parts and mesh with the curvature of your body, naturally. These areas are your head, shoulders and hips. Neither of these body parts should feeling like they are sloping when you test out a new mattress. They also should not feel like they are sleeping on a bed of rock. In addition, do not forget that pillows will help as well to support your head. A new mattress with the right support can do wonders for a bad back. 



Do not believe everything that you read when it comes to mattress firmness. Some believe that a firm mattress is the only acceptable level of comfort for a person with a bad back. However, many medical professionals often debate this. This is because a firm mattress should be good for your spine. However, keep in mind that a firm mattress does not have much padding and it never bends or moves when you do. This can make your spine bend in places, such as your hips and shoulder, when it should not.

On the other hand, a much softer mattress will bend with your hips and shoulders and not cause any problems for your spine, which should not cause any more back problems for you. Make sure that you get the right level of comfort for your back. It should not be too soft or too firm, but a good balance.



Some people often times overlook the little things such as space. First, it is very important for married people to have enough room at night. Sleeping in a cramped up position every night will put pressure and strain on your back. Second, this has the same effect on someone sleeping in a bed that is too small for their particular body size. Children often outgrow a twin bed, but don’t upgrade to a larger bed.

If you are married, and are suffering from back problems, you might need to upgrade to a larger size bed that allows both of you more room to move. Move up to a king size bed if you are in a queen. If your child complains of back pains, it is time to upgrade to a larger bed. This is especially true if he or she is a rough sleeper who sleeps near the bed’s edges or sides, which would cause even more injury to their back.



Mattress coil density is very important and plays an important role when it comes to back support. The more coils in a mattress, the smaller they are. This means that the mattress is more flexible. As a result, heavier people should purchase mattresses with larger coils because they are larger and provide more support. Mattresses for larger people should have a maximum of 400 coils in order to provide proper support that will not cause problems for your back. Anything more will be too flexible and possibly make things worse if back problems already exist. On the other side, smaller people should purchase mattresses that have a minimum of 680 coils. 

When it comes to getting relief for a bad back, there are different options that you can explore when it is time to purchase your next mattress. Make sure that your new mattress fits the curve of your back. Ensure that your new mattress has a level of comfort that provides the right amount of pressure on your spine, head, shoulders and hips. Be certain that your mattress size provides enough space for both you and your spouse. 

In addition, purchase a mattress that has the proper amount of coils for your body weight. All of these things should greatly improve or even eliminate your current back problems, if you consider them during your next mattress purchase.



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