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How to Upgrade Your Oven

21/09/2011 2:45:23 PM

You don't have to invest a lot of time, effort, or money into upgrading your oven, believe it or not. It's true.

You don't have to invest a lot of time, effort, or money into upgrading your oven, believe it or not. It's true. There are many small improvements you can make in your next oven purchase that will bring marked improvement without adding a lot to the price or aggravation of buying.

Here are some of ways you can upgrade your oven. Some will cost more than others but all of them offer greater enjoyment of the cooking process.


Invest in a Double Oven

It's a small change but one that provides a major return on the investment. First, most double ovens provide a greater amount of cooking area for only a tiny amount of extra money. But each cooking space is smaller than that of a conventional oven. That means that when you're baking in only one oven, you're not paying as much as you would with a traditional oven to get it up to the right temperature. That's because it's heating a smaller area.

Double ovens also offer great opportunities for multitasking. It means you can get more done in a shorter span of time. They're also great for expanding your own horizons in the kitchen.

Double ovens are convenient for large and small crowds alike. Whether you're baking up a sweet afternoon snack or preparing a meal for many there are many ways that having two ovens is better than one.


Consider a Wall Oven

While range and oven combinations are generally less costly, the added expense of a built-in wall unit for an oven is marginal. The convenience factor, however, is one well worth considering.

Some people swear by their conventional combination ranges. But, more and more people are taking a second look at wall units – especially those who are interested in double ovens.

What is the big deal about built-in ovens?

One major benefit to wall ovens is that you can put them at eye level. When you're bringing food in and out of the oven that can be a huge benefit. It can also help save you from endlessly bending over to check cookies, broiling items, and melting cheeses to see if they are finally finished.

There's the flip-side of that argument as well. Ovens that are below your line of sight are often not watched as carefully as they would be in an area closer to eye level. When you have a wall unit, it's easier to glance over while you're tending to other food preparation duties and check on the progress of baking items.

The convenience factor should never be overlooked. Wall ovens are nothing, if not convenient. This makes them a real winner in the kitchen of almost anyone who spends a lot of time working in this room.


Plan Ahead

Spend a little time researching your options well ahead of time. Find out what the average prices in the market are and wait for a really great sale to happen. 

While you're waiting though, it's a good idea to start saving your money. The more you have set aside ahead of time the less it will sting when the day finally arrives.

Upgrading your oven is a decision that most women wish for a long time before it happens. With a little careful planning and a firm idea of what it is you want in an oven, you can have an oven that you will be satisfied with for much longer than the average woman.

-  Pick out the features that are most important to you.

- Compare various models on the market today.

- Find a brand that you are confident will serve your oven needs well.

- Find a vendor that you're comfortable working with.

All of these steps combined can help you have a positive experience when the time comes to invest in your oven upgrade. The more small details you have taken care of before the big day arrives the better it will be for all parties.


There's no absolute right or wrong way to upgrade your oven. The only major mistake would be to come home with an oven that you aren't totally pleased with – especially when there are so many excellent and affordable options on today's market.


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