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Finding the Family Washing Machine

4/10/2011 10:04:41 AM

If your family is like most, a washing machine is a staple part of your household.


If your family is like most, a washing machine is a staple part of your household. Without them, laundry would create a large hassle and you would likely never have time to do the amount of loads that are done with a standard washing machine. However, choosing the correct machine for your household can be a difficult decision. 

If you have been a store that carries washing machines lately, you know just how many there are available to choose from. Stainless steel and colours, child lock, auto-dispense features, stay fresh cycles-these are all a part of the washing machines that are offered on today’s market. 

So how can you be sure just which machine is correct for you and your family needs? If you sit down and consider a number of factors, you are sure to find the washing machine that is best suited to your unique household.


Take Budget Into Consideration

The largest factor when searching for the perfect washing machine is without a doubt your finances. Taking a moment and calculating what you can realistically afford will help you to limit your choices, thus making the whole experience much less stressful. The best way to realise what your budget is to factor in all of your current bills and debts, followed by considering just how much extra per month you can afford to pay. 

Since most stores offer financing options for washing machines, the ability to purchase a machine that is of high quality and that you truly like is a lot easier. 


Give Yourself Some Space

Now that you have your budget sorted and set, the next step is to measure how much space you are going to have for your new washing machine. While some people may have an oversized room that can fit a washing machine that has the capacity to hold a bed comforter, others may only have as much room as a small closet.

No matter how much or how little room you have, there’s no reason to fret. Modern-day companies are offering washing machines in every size that you can imagine. Take for example some of the Samsung washing machines, these products can hold 20 pounds of laundry and have proven to be extremely useful to large families. And while there are washing machines on the high-end of the space spectrum, there are also a number of options for smaller spaces such as stackable washer and dryer combinations that are suited to fit into a closet or smaller than average room.


Decide What Features You Will Need

If you’ve taken a look at any washing machines lately, it’s likely that you have recognised that companies are enhancing the traditional features of a machine and adding ones that can make your life a lot easier. Thanks to the advances in modern technology, washing machine companies are now offering features and machine abilities that never would have even been imagined a mere ten years ago. 

Child Lock: For a family that has children, one of the must-have features on a new washing machine is without a doubt the child lock. This safety feature ensures that your children are not able to open the front-loading door at any time, whether the washing machine is in the middle of a cycle or not. While it is meant to protect children, the child lock also helps to ensure that a mess is not created out of the laundry room using your newly cleaned clothing.

Automatic Dispense: This feature is the perfect solution for anyone who hates measuring our detergent, fabric softener, or bleach quantities. Using a specialised sensor system the washing machine automatically releases the proper amount of products at the appropriate time to ensure that neither too much nor too little laundry products are used in the cycle.

Stay Fresh Cycle: Though this is not offered on a wide number of washing machines, this may be a must have feature if you find yourself wishing for more hours in the day. To avoid those times that you can’t get to the washer in time and the laundry load develops the nasty mildew-smell; this cycle will agitate the clothing back and forth to ensure the clothes stay fresh. Generally, the stay fresh cycle has the ability to last up to six hours.


Do Your Homework

Doing research when you are on the hunt for a new washer and dryer is one of the most essential steps. Using the internet as your source, type in any potential models of washing machines that you may be interested followed by the word “review” and let the internet do its job. 

After the search has completed you will be left with about 20,000 results of important information and experiences that others have gone through. This will help you decide both positives and negatives before you purchase a specific washing machine.



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