Finding a Digital Camera For Your Purse
If you are like most parents, there are many times that your child has done something cute or funny and you wished you had your camera to capture it.

If you are like most parents, there are many times that your child has done something cute or funny and you wished you had your camera to capture it. Well, with the technological world of digital cameras advancing so quickly, now you can. 

Digital cameras are now so small that they can fit into a purse without taking up much room at all. Some cameras can even fit easily into a pocket without any bulk, and now there are keychain sized digital cameras available. Though the keychain digital cameras don’t have very good resolution and most do not have a screen or view finder, which makes it a bit hard to take decent pictures. 

If you are looking for a great digital camera to keep in your purse so you never miss a picture perfect moment again, these guidelines will ensure you end up with a fantastic digital camera.


This Time, Size Does Matter

When you need a digital camera that will fit into your purse, you are looking for a small and slim camera that won’t take up too much space. But, even though you need a small camera, you don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of the pictures. Luckily, digital cameras are advancing rather quickly and there are now digital camera the size of a deck of cards, yet they have all the bells and whistles of the big cameras. 


Choose A Durable Digital Camera

Since this camera will live in your purse, it needs to be durable so that is can withstand bumps and not get damaged. A good feature to look for is an internal or attached lens cap. Many cameras on the market are made so that when the camera is turned on, the lens cap will open. Then, when the camera is turned off or it times out, the lens cap will close again. This helps prevent scratches on the lens and will make your camera last a lot longer.


Determine Which Features You Really Need

Compact digital cameras usually don’t have touch screens and a few other features that their bigger cousins have, so you need to decide exactly what features you can’t live without in a compact digital camera and what features you really don’t need. Remember, you can always get a bigger and better camera for most of your picture-taking needs, and utilize this purse sized camera for those unexpected moments of joy and laughter.


Take a look at these top rated purse-sized digital cameras:


Sony Cybershot DSC W220

The Sony W220 is a big camera in a little package. With a choice of a few different colours like pink, blue, and grey, this 12.1 megapixel camera has a Super HAD CDD image sensor, a 2.7 LCD screen, face detection, Optical Image Stabilization, 4x optical zoom lens, and double anti-blur image stabilization. All over the internet, people who purchased and have used this digital camera are giving it high scores and rave reviews. The Sony W220 is great all-purpose camera that will fit in your purse and will not break the bank.


Canon SD1200 IS Elph

This is a newer digital camera that rose straight to the top of the best seller list at a variety of places. The Canon SD12000 is not only the smallest, but it is the lights of all the purse cameras and yet it still has a respectable 10 megapixel resolution, 3x zoom, optical viewfinders (which is hard to come by these days), a 2.5” LCD screen, face detection and no aperture or shutter priority control. This Canon comes in a silver or calming green colour.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5

This digital camera is a little larger and heavier than the previous two, but is still considered a purse camera. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 has a 9 megapixel image sensor, 10x optical zoom, 3.” LCD screen with superior resolution, aperture and shutter control, 28MM wide angle leica DC lens, and it can record video s up to 70p high-definition resolution.

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