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Top Trends In Digital Cameras For 2012

7/11/2011 10:50:20 AM

The world is in a new digital era and cameras are a significant part of the transformation.

The world is in a new digital era and cameras are a significant part of the transformation. Cameras that use photographic films and paper are becoming obsolete and will soon be extinct as digital cameras and smartphones take over image capturing with digital means. While the appearance of digital cameras may not look much different from the outside, things are really changing on the inside, with quicker speeds, higher resolutions, superior image stabilizers and a whole lot more. 

Take a look at some of the fabulous digital camera features that you will be seeing in 2012 and beyond.


Touchscreen Technology

With the tremendous popularity of the iPad and other tablets, and touchscreen mobile phones, digital cameras are also appearing with touchscreen controls. The public likes portably touchscreen devices and the digital camera industry is responding. In 2012, there will be more touchscreen cameras available and in a few short years, touchscreen cameras will dominate the industry. It is becoming common to see cameras with three or less buttons on the device itself, everything else will be managed and controlled on the touchscreen.


Flip Cameras

Mobile phones may be moving away from the flip-open design, but digital cameras are just starting to get into it. New in 2012, Samsung is releasing the WEB750, which not only has a 3-inch touchscreen that is proving to be very popular and in high demand, but the screen can flip open and all the way up, allowing the photographer to capture images from any angle, including the ability to easily take self-portraits. This will allow people to get into tight spaces and create unique photographs from never-before-seen angles. This could open up a whole new world for photography, including professional photographers, artists, and hobbyists.


High Definition

Still relatively new to digital cameras, many new cameras now have the ability to take video, and more than just the old 30-second clips that previous cameras could handle. More than just a grainy video, these cameras have the ability to take high-definition video, virtually illuminating the need to have a separate video camera to record your children’s sporting events, family weddings, and University graduations. With a cable hooked up to the TV, the video can playback immediately on the TV. 


Micro Four-Thirds Compact Digital Cameras

The newest type of digital camera that has hit the ground running is the micro four-thirds camera, which looks like a mixture of a small pocket camera with boldness of larger cameras due to its interchangeable lens. The name actually stands for mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras and camcorders, or MTF for short. This is the professional digital camera that an average person can use. 

Micro Four-Thirds cameras possess larger sensors, offering better image quality, and interchangeable lenses. They allow more control over depth-of-field and yield greater creative possibilities than what is available on most compact digital cameras because of their lenses, which feature wider apertures. Micro four-thirds cameras tend to be larger, heavier and more expensive than compact cameras, but they are typically smaller and less expensive than SLR cameras.

Panasonic unveiled its brand new Lumix DMC-G3 in the middle of 2011 and sales are going strong. People love the small feel, the ability to pick from a variety of cool colours, all while having the control of interchangeable lenses. This new camera also has a touchscreen as many do these days.

Olympus also has a micro four-thirds digital camera, the FE 46, which is an advanced but very user-friendly camera. This is a high performance camera with a reasonable price tag. The camera offers 12 megapixels, precision 5X optical zoom and 2.7 inch LCD screen to see and share pictures. 


SLR Digital Cameras

In 2012, SLR cameras and the SLR technology will continue to improve and be more readily available at affordable prices. SLR digital camera prices are coming down and there are more choices in models in an affordable price range. 


Mobile Phone Digital Cameras

Sales of mobile phones and smartphones continue to rise at a drastic rate and one of the reasons why is because digital camera functions on cell phones are getting better and better each year. When mobile phones first starting coming out with picture taking capabilities, they were very grainy and nothing to be proud of when viewed on anything except the phone itself. Now, smartphones and Blackberries have high-quality cameras that rival stand-alone digital cameras. 

As portability and electronic devices that are multifunctional continue to grow in popularity, mobile phones with superior digital cameras will see continued improvement through 2012 and beyond.


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