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The Top 5 Mattresses for Light Sleepers

4/10/2011 5:39:26 PM

It would have to be frustrating to be married to someone who wakes up as a result of the slightest little movement.

It would have to be frustrating to be married to someone who wakes up as a result of the slightest little movement. On the other hand, maybe you are the person that has problems getting to sleep because your spouse moves too much. Light sleepers are a special breed of sleeper mattress. You can correct this very common occurrence with the use of a very good mattress. 

You might have to test a few of them until you determine which one makes the least amount of movement and provides a good night’s sleep, however technology has made it where spouse disturbance is a thing of the past. The following are types of mattresses that you and your spouse should consider purchasing in the near future.


Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are good for light sleepers. It has coils that are wrapped separately. These coils limit the amount of movement that the mattress receives because the coils do not move together. They are all separate, which means that when your partner moves, you will not feel the movement as much on your side of the bed. This is a solid choice of mattress for a light sleeper.


Sleep Number Beds

A Sleep Number Bed is a perfect choice for a light sleeper because you can control the comfort level individually for each side of the bed. This is possible because the mattress has coiled springs that fill with air. The springs are controlled by two separate remote controls, which are for each side of the bed. This means that if you are the troubled spouse, you will no longer have to stop all movement when watching television in bed. If you are the spouse who is a light sleeper, your spouse’s movement while watching television will not wake you up from sleeping. Each person will have their own separate spaces that they have total control over.


Latex Foam

A latex foam mattress does not transfer motion, which is exactly the type of mattress that a light sleeper needs. Whenever a spouse moves around in bed, the other spouse does not have to deal with the movement. With a latex foam mattress, both parties can get a peaceful night’s rest without disturbing the other person. In fact, you might not be able to tell when your spouse gets in or out of bed when using a latex foam mattress. 


Memory Foam

Memory Foam is also another great selection of mattress for a light sleeper. This mattress is made with polyurethane, which reacts to temperature. This means that whenever your body temperature changes, the mattress know how to mould itself to your body shape by using the heat from your body. It provides a lot of support. In addition, because it moulds to each person’ body, it provides a solid amount of support for each person as well. As it firmly moulds around each person’s body, memory foam will work well for a light sleeper. The foam will stop the movement from becoming a problem for the person who is a light sleeper. 


Twin Mattresses w/ King Box Spring

Although some people might consider it to be a little unorthodox, but placing two twin mattresses on top of a king box spring would also be helpful for a person who is a light sleeper. This would create two little beds on top of one box spring. Many times, people use it the other way around. However, placing the two twins sized beds on the king box spring helps to eliminate movement altogether. 

In addition, each person can get the type of twin mattress that they like the most. This is really a simple makeshift solution to a common occurrence. Not only does this solution stop the motion, but it is also much cheaper than other types of mattresses. In addition, the average person might not have to go out and get a new box spring or mattress. These are all items that may already be located in your home. Just set it up and you will start to see an improved difference in your sleeping experience. 

There are many reasons why married couples find it difficult to sleep in the same bed together as time goes by. Each person may develop ailments or conditions that require them to sleep in a certain manner or need a certain amount of support. Usually the spouse does not need this type of support, then a problem exists. 

Alternatively, one spouse likes to move around in the bed while watching television and the other one does not. If you are the light sleeper in this scenario, your spouse’s additional movement will affect your ability to get a good night’ sleep. However, the mattresses examined in this article will provide a simple solution to a very common problem for light sleepers.


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