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The Best Mobile Phone Features Exposed

4/10/2011 5:54:54 PM

Many people are quickly discovering the sweeping trend of mobile phone apps and advanced features.


Many people are quickly discovering the sweeping trend of mobile phone apps and advanced features. There are wide varieties of apps available, so understanding which programs are of great use and just all-around fun is a vital part of ensuring that you are able to get the best out of your new mobile phone.


Internet Browsers on Your Mobile Device

One of the most popular items on peoples’ must-have feature list for a mobile phone is, without a doubt, accessing the internet. Though a mere five years ago internet accessibility on a mobile was rare and even unheard of, today having the ability to browse the web from the comfort of your car, outdoors, or just about anywhere you go is a necessary luxury on anyone’s wish list.

Luckily, mobile phones have a set standard these days of featuring some form of internet browser. Android smart phones exclusively offer Dolphin Browser and Opera. Both of these browsers boast extremely high-speeds, even faster than some home internet browsers. The iPhone provides its users with the Safari browser. 

It seems as though we are becoming spoiled with the ability to browse the web anywhere that our mobile phones get reception, but the exclusive features certainly do not stop here.


View and Upload Latest Videos via YouTube

If you are like most of the Australian population, you will have logged onto YouTube at least once in your lifetime. Just a few years ago, hardly anyone had hears of this video-sharing website. Fast-forward a few years to 2011 and you will find billions of videos and users offering information, funny skits, entertaining parts of everyday life, music videos, and just about anything that you can imagine. 

One of the latest and greatest features available on most every mobile phone on today’s market is one- button access to YouTube. Whether you want to see the latest music videos from your favourite artist while you are with your friends or you want to have an easy ability to upload your very own video to the site, most every mobile phone today allows users to access YouTube with almost no effort.


Keep In Touch With Your Friends on Social Networks

It is no secret that social networks are an incredibly popular part of today’s society. Originally intended for college-students, these websites now offer people a great way to stay in touch with friends from around the world and to meet new people. Though some social media sites are more popular than others are, there is no shortage of social networking opportunities in which to partake, and the latest mobile phone features enable easy access to your profile and posting options.

If you want to have the ability to keep in touch with friends, manage requests, and comment on your friends’ statuses even while you are on the go, then the latest mobile phone features are an ideal solution for you. Social networking applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google Plus, are all becoming a staple to every mobile phone on the market. Social media apps are one of the most downloaded programs on the device by users around the world.


Manage Your Email On The Go

Whether you are a business professional or just someone who enjoys keeping in touch with their friends, email is a part of most peoples’ everyday lives. Email has greatly enabled us to stay in touch with the latest news, what is going on with friends and family, and just about anything that you can imagine. It should be apparent why so many people have demanded daily access to their accounts.

Mobile phone providers have recently made it easier than ever to access your Email using single-step applications that allow you direct account access. This is a great option for anyone who relies on their Email for business or personal purposes. Many mobile phones also have a specialised feature that alerts the user when they receive a new message in their inbox. No matter what you need Email for, mobile phone service providers have certainly made it easier than ever to access your account and keep in touch with everyone.


Message Your Contacts Using SMS

One of the most used and loved features that comes standard on all phones today is SMS messaging. This program was once a luxury for mobile phone users, and is now a part of most everyone’s everyday lives. This feature allows people to stay in touch with friends and family without having to use up call-cap allocations. 

Another reason SMS messaging is so popular amongst people of all ages is its convenience. No matter where you are, you do not have to interrupt anything that is going on or worry about stepping outside to avoid noise just to hear the person that you are calling. 

Luckily, SMS messaging has become an absolute base-model requirement on mobile phones so no matter what your budget may be you have the ability to use SMS messaging. 

An increasingly popular part of SMS messaging lately is also multi-media messaging. Using this feature, individuals have the ability to send media items, such as photos or videos, from their mobile phone. Multi-Media messaging (MMS messaging) is becoming extremely popular for the main reason that friends can send each other photos and videos from far-away places with extreme ease. 


Easy Shopping Using Your Mobile Phone

Since the breakthrough of internet shopping, companies have very quickly become aware of and taken action to ensure that customers are able to access their online stores with extreme ease. Consumers now have the ability to shop from their mobile phone with no effort. Companies such as EBay and Amazon have created personalised applications to ensure customer satisfaction, while other stores have invented mobile-internet specific websites to help mobile phone users have easier access to their favourite stores without having to deal with the standard internet view.



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