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What to Look For In a Great Mobile Phone

4/10/2011 5:58:38 PM

With an ever-growing mobile phone market, people are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest innovations.

With an ever-growing mobile phone market, people are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest innovations. Companies are constantly competing with each other to try and stay ahead of the game and it seems as though there are new marketing campaigns nearly weekly from a number of providers. However, there are ways that you can avoid the marketing hype and realise what mobile phone is best for you.


Consider Your Financial Situation

First, the most essential part of any person’s hunt for a mobile phone is to figure out just how much you have to spend. There are phones in every price range, and setting a maximum price to spend can help to save you from getting your heart set on a specific mobile phone only to find that you are not able to afford it.

Before you even begin shopping, sit down and be realistic. Consider current expenses such as bills and other monthly dues, and then realise how much you have left over. Remember that you do not want to make a mobile phone a financial burden. These devices are meant to help, not to put you into debt. 

It is important to remember that you do not have to have a high budget to get a quality mobile phone, either. Many low- to mid-range mobile phones available function just as well, if not better than, some of the higher end phones. Essentially, money is not everything in the world, especially for mobile phones.


Decide What Style Of Phone You Want

As you are most likely well aware of if you have been searching for a mobile phone, there is not simply one variety of these phones available anymore. The latest trend sweeping the market is without a doubt the smart phones. With this variety, the name speaks for itself. There are thousands of applications, or apps, available for these phones and provide their users with a number of tasks such as financial management, Email access, and even apps that allow you to turn off lights at home while you are away. 

This new breed of technology redefines incredible. It seems as though they are constantly inventing new and better ways to advance these phones even further than they have already done. The sheer amazing qualities that come from these phones are beyond words. Ten years ago, we never would have been able to imagine in our wildest dreams the abilities that phones are now able to do.

If you think a smart phone is for you then there is just one more decision for you to make, which kind? There are three different styles of smart phones available on the market today, each one unique in its own ways. 


Types of Smart Phones

The first and most popular style of smart phone is without a doubt any model of phone using the Android operating system. This operating system is owned by Google and is offered in a wide variety of price ranges. The Android market offers tens of thousands of applications for a wide variety of purposes.

Another style of smart phone that has always been popular is the iPhone. Owned by technology-giant, Apple, these smart phones use the Apple operating system. They also offer thousands of applications for customer convenience, though it seems as though Apple is always one step ahead of the game and offers apps that are near mind-blowing. 

Last, but certainly not least is the BlackBerry. This company claims themselves as the original smart phone. Business professionals and people who tend to type on their phone a lot tend to favour this phone. The BlackBerry variety offers their users a full keyboard for maximum typing potential. Whether it is for Emails or one of the word processing programs that BlackBerry offers, their biggest draw is without a doubt their eased ability to compose an article or Email just as you would on a computer. 


Reading Reviews Before You Buy

As with most products, research is a vital part of pre-shopping. After considering what you need and what your budget is, it is time to narrow down your options to a few specific models. After you have done this, use your favourite search engine to perform a search for reviews on the mobile phones that you have chosen. Doing a search on the internet will help you to be successful in understanding what you are getting into with the purchase that you are about to make.

Many individuals who purchase a mobile phone without first researching on any potential problems are often less than satisfied with not only performance, but also overall enjoyment. 

A mobile phone is meant to be not only convenient, but a helpful tool for a number of situations. Ensuring that you are prepared in every way to take on the responsibilities and possible negative factors of a specific phone will help to allow you to get the best experience possible out of the phone. 


Remember that no matter how nice a phone looks, functionality is king and you should never give in to the marketing tactics set forth by the mobile phone companies. So long as you keep your priorities and needs in mind, you will be able to purchase a phone that will change your life.


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