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Which Smart Phone Should I Buy?

4/10/2011 6:00:18 PM

If you have been to the mobile phone store lately, you are fully aware of the wide variety of options that are available in the field of smart phones.


If you have been to the mobile phone store lately, you are fully aware of the wide variety of options that are available in the field of smart phones. It seems as though the “basic” mobile phones are becoming outdated and most every product is a smart phone in some way or the other. Mobiles that were once known as base models are now becoming introduced with new and better features to help them appeal to a variety of individuals.

So with all of these choices, just how can you be sure which smart phone is best for you? In the following guide I review a number of the top mobile phones that are available on the market to consumers. These smart phones are the best of the best and are sure to provide you with everything that you could want in a mobile, and more.


The HTC Droid Incredible

A beautiful, clear, and crisp 8-megapixel display offers users an eye-catching experience to say the least. An attractive and slim design introduces users to the ultimate experience that proves that this phone lives up to its name.

For those who find photography an important part of their phone, the Incredible is an ideal choice. The extravagant 8-megapixel camera offers outstanding photo quality that simply cannot be matched. Show off your pictures to your friends and wow them with the “incredible” quality.

Other phones just can’t compare when it comes to style and speed. The Incredible was inspired by some of the world’s best sports cars. Sleek and beautiful on the outside, top-notch performance on the inside, the Incredible is one of a kind in the world of smart phones.


The HTC Evo 4G

Another HTC makes the list; the Evo is revolutionary on its own terms. While the Incredible offers stunning quality, the Evo 4G offers not only quality, but lightning-fast speed and rock-solid power as well. Enjoy the convenience of having the ability to be on a call and surf the internet at the same time. No other smart phone has the capability to do this because no other smart phone is like the Evo 4G. 

For the video-director in you, feed your passion with the Evo 4G’s HD camcorder. Take a video of you and your friends, and then post it directly to YouTube to show everyone just how much fun you had.


The Samsung Epic 4G

Though not an HTC, Samsung has really stepped it up with this model. The Android market offers over hundreds of thousands of applications to choose from ranging from necessary products such as word processors, to popular Android games like Angry Birds. The Epic also comes standard with Samsung media program that allows you to listen to all of your music on the go. Create exercise playlists and enjoy your own personalised music selection from the convenience of your own phone. 

For those who like to save as much time as possible while texting, the Epic offers an incredible solution. The Swype keyboard is standard for Samsung phones and allows for users to enter text at an increased speed. The keyboard also includes text-prediction for ultimate time-saving solutions.

For the individual who enjoys helping to save the planet in any way possible, Samsung has taken extra steps to be eco-friendly in as many ways as possible. Energy-saving solutions such as alerts for ways to save battery life are a standard on the Samsung Epic.


The Apple iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 is sleek and slim and seems to please users immensely. Users who have experienced an iPhone before will be pleased to find that this version is significantly more sturdy and strong feeling than the previous models. 

The iPhone 4 provides users with all of the benefits of any Apple product, sheer excellence in all fields. Incredible call quality, outstanding display, and a convenient design are all an obvious part of the package with any Apple item, but especially for their latest addition to the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, luxury comes at a cost, and a high one. With a hefty price tag of $859, the iPhone 4 is at the top of most everyone’s budget. However, I believe that it is well worth your money to invest in the smart phone that simply cannot be beat.


The Motorola Atrix

Though Motorola has not received the best feedback the past few years, the Atrix completely changed the way that I view the company. An attractive and slim design is a part of any Motorola product, but the Atrix redefines the company in its state of the art technology and outstanding overall performance. 

So what is all of the hype over a Motorola about? The Atrix has a dual-core processor that lies within the lovely exterior. That’s right; the processing power of a high-end computer is all within a small, black package when it comes to this phone. With this speed, you are able to do what you want at rates that you never even thought were possible on a mobile phone!


The LG Optimus Black

The LG Optimus Black smart phone is sleek, slim and stunning and features a competitive price tag that puts owning a smart phone back into range of everyone. Using the Android operating system, the LG’s 4” touch screen display is clean, neat and easy to use.



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