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The Best Ovens Rated and Reviewed

4/10/2011 6:04:00 PM

The enormous range of ovens available makes it hard to know which is the best. Technological changes and smart-features are now standard on many models.


The enormous range of ovens available makes it hard to know which is the best. Technological changes and smart-features are now standard on many models. Others feature really innovative additions that make cooking a breeze.

Then there are the designer ovens, released in bright, bold retro colours to highlight any kitchen. These might look cool, but are they the best for what you need?

Here is a quick overview of the best ovens available today.


Miele H5981 BP Oven

Coming in at first place is the stunning Miele H5981 BP oven. When Miele released this model, they marketed it as “the best oven in the world”. This is a big claim, but they are right. This oven is highly efficient, economical to run and looks great too. 

However, what’s inside is what makes it the best. This oven is programmable, containing more than 100 automatic cooking presets and recipes. Select the food you want to cook. The internal sensors figure out how much food is in the oven and what weight it is. A few quick calculations later and the oven will automatically set the temperature and timer automatically to suit.

Cooking temperature is regulated using twin-powered fans. This also allows for a slow-cook roasting feature, where you can cook food at low temperatures for several hours without drying out food.

The Moisture Plus feature releases a tiny amount of water into the oven at programmed intervals. This generates steam to keep food moist while it cooks. The result is a perfect roast or cake every time.

This oven also features an integrated rotisserie, fitted into a larger-than-normal cooking chamber. On top of all this, the oven features a self-cleaning function, so you never have to clean the oven again.


Gorenje iChef+

The Gorenje iChef+ oven places a very close second-place, after the stunning Miele H598. This amazing smart-oven is controlled by a touch-screen programmed computer system that automates almost every function you need to make perfect meals.

The simple touch-screen controls feature images of food categories. Slide a fingertip across the menu to select the food type you want to cook. Another menu will appear to narrow down the recipe selection. Choose the dish you want to cook and the computer will program the cooking temperature and cooking time for you.

The menu features hundreds of preset cooking options across a wide variety of dishes. You’re also able to pre-program you personal favourite settings. This is ideal if you cook dishes that require different temperatures throughout the cooking time. Set the first cooking stage at a high temperature and set a reduced temperature for the rest of the cooking time. The oven will adjust for you at the right time, ensuring a perfect meal.

The preset controls also let you set the oven for defrosting frozen food or keeping food warm at a low temperature.

Of course, the self-cleaning function is a must-have for any oven, and the Gorenje iChef+ doesn’t disappoint.


Bosch Combination Oven/Microwave

The Bosch Combination Oven may not automate the cooking process for you, but it does offer some amazing multi-function capacities. This oven can be used as a convection oven, a grill, or a microwave. If you have limited space in your kitchen, this handy appliance can get it done for you without taking up bench space.

There are four different cooking methods available to allow for customised cooking settings. Use it as a microwave, or combine both microwave and heating to defrost frozen food before you cook it. In fact, all the cooking modes on this oven can be used individually, or in combination with the microwave setting. This speeds up cooking time and reduces energy consumption.

As with the majority of new ovens, this model also comes with a pyrolitic self-cleaning feature.



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