Which Oven Should I Buy? A Quick Guide to Ovens
The oven is an important appliance, so choosing the right one is important.


The oven is an important appliance, so choosing the right one is important. Yet, there are so many options available that it’s hard to know which will be right for your needs.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the right oven to suit you and your kitchen.



The right oven for you may depend on the size of your budget. Shopping for an oven with a price tag of $3,000 won’t work if your budget is only $700. Shop within your price range and choose the oven that offers the best value for money.

Don’t be tempted by the ease of in-store financing unless you really understand the costs involved. Easy finance might sound cheap when you look at the weekly payments, but you increase temptation to spend more than you can really afford. You may end up spending more than you planned, simply because these finance options often include extra fees and charges.



Modern ovens contain plenty of cool features and additions. Unfortunately, the more features you include, the higher the price tag becomes. When you choose your oven, be sure it has features you will actually use. 

It sounds great to order an oven that has a touchscreen control panel, complete with automatic cooking settings. You might also want multiple cooking options and a combination microwave feature thrown in. Yet, there is no point paying for features you won’t get any benefit from if you never use them.

At a minimum, your oven needs to include adjustable shelves, a timer and a temperature control setting. An internal light to see if your food is cooked can be a good idea too. These features are enough for most people to cook a great meal. Any features on top of these basic options are personal choice.



Freestanding ovens stand on the floor and usually fit in between cupboards in your kitchen. These usually feature a stove with gas spigots or heating elements on top, and the surface is around the same height as your kitchen benches.

Built-in ovens are designed to fit in your cabinets or joinery. The design often sits flush with surrounding cupboards, so these can be an effective feature in your kitchen. Unfortunately, you will need to choose a separate stove or cook top, as these aren’t part of the same unit.

Choose the oven that best suits your kitchen design and space available.



Large industrial style ovens look stunning in the right kitchen setting. These boast several doors and cooking cavities, so you can cook a roast in one side while you bake bread in the other. However, if this doesn’t fit in your kitchen, it won’t do you any good. 

Likewise, choosing a wide freestanding oven might sound like a good idea in the store, but if it doesn’t fit in the space available in your kitchen, you’re wasting money.

Be sure you measure the oven dimensions before you buy. Check that it won’t be too big for the space you have available.

Oven size also includes checking the interior is big enough for what you want to cook. Small ovens are great if you want to heat up pizza or cook frozen meals. However, if you often cook large roasts or bake several things at once, you should check the interior oven size. It should be big enough for your needs.



Stainless steel in-built ovens are among the most popular oven choices in Australia. This is followed by black in-built, with white freestanding ovens coming in right behind them. 

However, many manufacturers are starting to release ovens finished in a wide range of fashion decor colours. The styles and sizes are also more versatile than ever before.  

Choose from large industrial-looking ovens, rustic-looking baker’s ovens, or sleek and modern digital ovens. Your oven will be a main part of your kitchen for a long time, so choose one that will match your kitchen decor and your overall style.