W Printers: The Best of the Best for 2011
Printers: The Best of the Best for 2011
Are you looking for a new printer? Do all the different brand names and models available confuse you? Here is some information to help you decide which printer is best for you.

Are you looking for a new printer? Do all the different brand names and models available confuse you? Here is some information to help you decide which printer is best for you. The market is bursting with all-purpose printers this 2011. You’re spoilt with choice. This list presents to you the top picks for best printers of the year.

When evaluating a printer, the first choice to make is whether you want a standard printer or multi-functional device that includes a scanner and work-alone photocopier. Most all-rounder printers are not much larger than the regular ones. However, they’re much more versatile, especially when a letter or other important document needs to be copied. Therefore, this article lists for you the best multi-purpose and inkjet printers.


Best Inkjet Printers of 2011

Let’s take a look at the top 3 inkjet printers available at the moment.


HP DeskJet 1000

Priced at under $50, this model makes many wonder how its manufacturers manage. However, this printer is not JUST cheap. Most budget-friendly printers come with a price to pay, such as poor lifetime, high-priced consumables, etc. 

However, the tri-colour and black ink cartridges for DeskJet 1000 are quite reasonable in price. You can also get high-capacity XL editions. In addition, considering that it’s a budget printer, it’s really fast too. Its quoted maximums are 12ppm in colour and 16ppm in mono. No cool extras come with it (even the USB cable is not provided). However, it does do exactly what it guarantees on the cover – provide a very cheap solution for no-fuss printing.


Epson Stylus SX425W 

This one might be double the price of the HP DeskJet, but it also gives a lot of value for money back to you. It comes with an in-built memory card slot, multi-purpose copying and scanning, and wi-fi printing facilities. The ink used is DURABrite by Epson. This means that your paper and ink are dry as soon as they emerge from that printer. 

You can expect bright, clean, and exceptionally smudge-free output produced on plain paper. However, this one’s photo output may be a bit dull when compared to other options. Similar to many other cheap printers, SX425W is easy on the budget to operate. However, it’s perfect for versatile and inexpensive documents and with light use.


HP PhotoSmart Plus All-in-One 

Priced at under $50, this one has an extra feature. Although Wi-Fi printing is not exactly new technology, being able to send e-mails to the printer actually is. After the initial set-up, documents can be sent to HP as attachment. It can also directly download applications from the nets for a number of printing jobs from music paper to Sudoku puzzles. 

PhotoSmart Plus doesn’t leave out the typical all-in-one benefits either. It comes equipped with 4-colour printing and separate tanks for ink as well as slots for memory cards. The photos may not have quite that vibrancy of dedicated photo printing. However, that’s only one of this multi-function printer’s many functions.


Best Laser Printers of 2011

Laser printers offer plenty of advantages over inkjet printers. Office environments are usually best suited for laser printers since they quickly produce smudge-free sharp prints and are both economical and noise-free. On the other hand, they could serve the exact same purposes in your home office as well.

Also, don’t make the mistake of believing that mono-colour laser printers are the sole choice. Colour laser printers have become very affordable. Now, you can even get multi-functional laser printers. So, we’ll list the top 3 laser printers of 2011 for you now as well. They’re not just for corporate people with funds to blow off but also for home users that value compactness, ease of use, and quality.


Samsung ML-1665 

Priced at around $70, this printer has a lot going for it. It’s cheaper to operate than an inkjet printer, it produces dry, smudge-proof, and sharp output, it’s quiet, and it’s civilized. It also has the long-standing reputation that it’s too expensive for purposes aside from office use. However, this ML-1665 sure changes that.


Brother DCP7030

Costing around $200, the DCP7030 gives you the added benefits of laser printing coupled with a flexible multi-purpose device. It is a mono-colour printer, but its scanner is a full-colour one. Therefore, you get coloured scanned images, but mono copies and prints. In addition, it’s probably not quite as fast as a more highly priced variation. However, looking at the price, its print quality and all-rounded capabilities make it a fantastic buy.


Xerox Phaser 6125

This full-colour laser printer boasts a price tag of around $280. That low price is probably its strongest point for selling, though. While its speed of printing and quality may be acceptable for undemanding uses at home, it is likely to prove out of its comfort zone when put to test in busier office environments.


Making Your Choice

Make sure you consider all your requirements before deciding which printer to buy. Choose your printer wisely and it’ll stay with you for many years to come.