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Top TV Trends in 2012 and Beyond

4/10/2011 6:34:28 PM

Right now, in offices around the world people are sitting around dreaming up the next big thing in the world of televisions.

Right now, in offices around the world people are sitting around dreaming up the next big thing in the world of televisions. Some of those things are on their way to becoming reality while others are just in the imagination and planning stages. People are trying to work out the logistics of television technology that we can only dream of enjoying. 

However, there are those who have gone before and planned before. They have no created the very things that are about to grace the floors of electronics expos around the world, television show rooms, and neighbourhood living rooms. These are just some of the trends we're seeing when it comes to televisions that are going to be big in the year 2012 and beyond!


Eco-Friendly Televisions

More and more television companies are taking the plunge and investing their pennies to come up with products that are not only less costly to the planet to operate but also to get rid of. The high costs of e-waste weighs heavily on the minds of consumers are well as the companies that created these environmental monstrosities in the first place.

New televisions are being designed to operate in a more energy efficient manner and to product not only less waste but also waste that is less harmful for the planet.

LED televisions are among top reasons that televisions are able to operate with greater energy efficiency but they are certainly not the only reasons. Televisions are becoming more and more earth friendly with every new generation being created.

One of the newest advances in the effort of television makers to find greener resources for building their televisions is the organic LED backlights also known as OLEDs. These lights are organic in nature meaning that they are made of "green" materials. 

They also happen to burn brighter and more efficiently than traditional LEDs. Additionally, they weigh less and occupy less space creating a lighter, thinner television design that produces far less waste than their closest competitors.


User-Friendly Televisions

In addition to being friendlier towards the planet, televisions are also becoming a little friendlier with users. Many of them are adopting QWERTY remote controls so that users have greater control over the options available to them.

They are also becoming more and more committed to a multi-media platform by enabling wireless Internet access for easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, and countless other media outlets directly from the television screen.

Televisions are also offering more options for streaming videos and music online from your computer, the Internet, or other mediums such as Roku devices. The bottom line is that newer television models are taking the wide range of demands that viewers and consumers have into mind when creating new televisions and working to offer a much broader range of features and accessories in order to appeal to the masses.

Television makers have realized that TVs are being replaced by computer screens and are doing a great job of working to win back the hearts and pocketbooks of the consumers. 


3D, Baby!

The latest advances and newest technologies are all being devoted to the advancement of 3D TV around the world. One of the most impressive things on the horizon is the upcoming release of a new 3D television that requires no glasses in order to view

If that's not impressive enough for you, there is even a face tracking application that tracks the faces of viewers in order to provide an optimal 3D viewing experience despite the absence of glasses.

Television makers are hanging all their chips on the advancement of 3D television. This means good things for those who have recently purchased these TVs or who are considering taking the plunge. 

As more and more people make the turn to 3D there will be a wider range of programming available to take advantage of these 3D capabilities. More movie makers are currently utilizing 3D technologies in the filming process and subsequently releasing 3D DVDs to the public. 

Now there are going to be more options and accessories available for those who are fans of 3-dimensional television viewing. It's just going to keep getting better and better in the future however.


Personal 3D Viewing Device

This year's consumer expo brought something a little different, new, and exciting from Sony. This nifty device is definitely stopping traffic and is expected to hit the marketplace in November of 2011. Of course the list price will make it somewhat prohibitive at around $755 (AUD) there are those who believe that this is definitely the television viewing wave of the future.

Before you get too excited however there are a few very definite ups and downs to keep in mind with this device. First of all, it's extremely isolating. While you're viewing television with this device you can't see or really hear anything else that's going on. It is definitely not going to make fans of your family.

Next, the device is going to a little fragile when compared to other such things. This is definitely something you're going to want to keep away from the little ones. My first instinct upon seeing these devices was that men with no children thought this up. They just look a little too fragile to have in a house full of rowdy boys (or girls for that matter). There are just too many ways for the story to go woefully wrong.

However, I can envision a future with devices such as these that allow different people to have their own unique television viewing experience without leaving the room. I just see a few evolutions taking place before all the logistics involved are sorted through properly.


There you have it. It's the wave of the future of television technology for 2012 and beyond. There are some exciting things in the works. I can't wait to see what lies ahead and how quickly some of these great ideas can become hard realities.


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