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TV Comparison – Which TV Should You Buy?

4/10/2011 6:36:19 PM

There are many different types of TVs available on the market. Picking the right one for what you want to do can get a little confusing if you're not keeping up with the latest technology.

There are many different types of TVs available on the market. Picking the right one for what you want to do can get a little confusing if you're not keeping up with the latest technology. Here is a little comparison that should help you decide the type of television that will best meet your needs so you can buy the right one.


Plasma Televisions

Perhaps the greatest benefits that plasma televisions have over other models is that fact that it has an amazing array of shades of black. Where other television models, even flat screens such as LCD and LED televisions, have difficulty finding the appropriate contrast between blacks in darker scenes, the plasma television is able to keep up beautifully. 

Another major benefit of plasma screens for television is that they are less tiring on the eyes than other models. This means there is less eyestrain involved in watching television over time.

The televisions of yesterday also have considerably shorter expected life spans than the plasma television making them a sound financial investment as well.

Finally, many models, such as the VIERA plasma television by Panasonic are designed without lead and mercury making them one of the most environmentally friendly television models on the market today. When combined with the energy efficient design of the plasma television and it's a wise investment for those who are concerned about protecting the planet.


LCD Televisions

The number one, hooray, hooray benefit for gamers when it comes to LCD televisions is that there are no "burn in" or "ghosting" problems such as those that have the tendency to happen with plasma television. This problem is where the "ghost" of an image will remain on the screen long after that point in the game or movie has progressed. 

It can be an extremely frustrating problem for video game players to deal with and is one that has caused many people to boycott purchasing plasma televisions altogether. 

New technology has improved in the plasma TV models but the complaints of ghosting remain in many of the models though not nearly as widespread.

Other benefits to keep in mind when it comes to LCD televisions – especially when compared to the old cathode tube TVs centre on the vivid picture these TVs display. For those who remember the scan lines in conventional televisions, they are long gone and hopefully soon forgotten once you make the move to LCD televisions.

One word of caution to keep in mind when buying an LCD television is that the lighting on inferior models can burn out or change colours as they age. This is more common in lesser-known brands than major brands that everyone is familiar with. The bottom line is that if you want the beautiful images to last then it's a good idea to invest in a top of the line model for greater viewing pleasure.


LED Televisions

Even among the LCD televisions, there are continual new technological advances. One of those is the introduction of LED lights for backlighting. The results have been a profound improvement in the colour of the pictures on the television. The clarity and contrast differences are truly remarkable when combed to the original LCD televisions. When compared with the old-fashioned models of televisions they are truly astonishing. 

Nevertheless, that isn't the only impact that has been made by switching to LED lighting rather than the CCFL that had been used in the past. The other impressive difference is the deep savings in energy consumption and expense related to using these televisions. The power consumption savings are quite impressive and generally fall between the 20 and 30 percent range.

Anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprints can be proud to own an LED television and thrilled to watch it. Even the disposal of these models is "greener" than the LCD televisions. 

Another difference between the LED and LCD television model is that the LED models are typically thinner than the already slim LCD models. This means that they weigh less on the wall and are occupy less depth. For those with space issues it's a great way to cut back – even a little.


3D Televisions

These babies are all the rage these days. Everyone and their brother wants one. There are plenty of reasons for the person who has everything and wants everything brand new to rush right out and buy one. However, if you're really interested in getting the best value, it's probably better to wait a little while to get one.

The thing is they are brand new and evolving technology. The prices are high and not all the kinks are worked out just yet. At this point, there is still limited programming for 3D televisions available, though that is on the rise.

Of course, the real reason to hold off for at least six months to a year before taking the plunge into the wonderful world of 3-dimensional television is that we're all waiting, with bated breath, for the 3D television that requires no glasses to hit the market en masse. 

That will be the day the world goes crazy for the new trend of 3D televisions. As they release new programming, more movies will be made, and more people will rush out to buy these exciting televisions with no strings, or in this case glasses, attached.


OLED Televisions

Organic LED televisions, also referred to as OLED TVs are one of the newer televisions on the market. Sony makes these and they deserve a classification of their own because they use a new kind of technology that is truly green by using organic light emitting diodes. 

The result is a television that is even more environmentally friendly than other LED models and a picture that is sharper and more stunning than any other model currently on the market. A further benefit is the fact that these are even slimmer than the traditional LED televisions.


Which TV should you buy? The problem is that all the televisions have something to offer someone. Whether you're a gamer, movie lover, or just want a nice television to feed the families need for a little quality TV time there is sure to be a model mentioned above that is going to pique your interest and match your budget.


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