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The Top Trends In Washing Machines

4/10/2011 7:17:23 PM

As you may have noticed while shopping around for a new washing machine, there are quite a few new trends that are sweeping the market.


As you may have noticed while shopping around for a new washing machine, there are quite a few new trends that are sweeping the market. Ranging from effective and state of the art features, to eye-catching qualities that are sure to appeal to even the pickiest individuals, some of the latest and greatest trends in washing machines are becoming a necessity in households across the country. 


Energy Efficiency

On most home appliances these days, you will likely be able to locate a symbol that says “HE” somewhere on the product. You may be asking just what this symbol means and what it stands for. The “HE” symbol stands for high-efficiency. This means that the washing machine has features that allow for as many energy and money-saving options as possible. HE endorsed washers are more environmentally friendly as opposed to a traditional washing machine and they also help to reduce how much you spend on your energy and water bills.


Stainless Steel and Colours

If you’ve been to a store that carries washing machines lately, you’ve probably noticed all of the shine and glimmer that comes out of the section. That’s because companies are adapting to the modern times and styles and customer demands, and using stainless steels and bright colours on a washing machine is exactly what the consumers are asking for. While individuals are worried about how the machine functions, it is quickly becoming important to them that the machine looks just as good as it works. 

Many companies are offering the stainless steel look as well as blues, reds, and even purple. These options are opening up a whole new world for washing machines and help consumers match their new product to their unique style.



The most common trend amongst washing machines is without a doubt the front-loading style. This relatively new style of washing machines is becoming incredibly popular in households around the world for a number of reasons, one of them being their ease of use. As opposed to a top-loading washer, the front-loaders allow you to simply pull the load of laundry out and put them directly into the dryer instead of having to lift and then transfer the load. 

Front-loading washing machines are also becoming a popular style because of the overall look. These washers give a more modern and contemporary look and also provide a sleek design.


Child Locks

Safety comes first in today’s world, and many companies are beginning to add additional features to ensure that this stays true with their washing machines. Because of the popularity of front-loading washers, child locks are beginning to be added to help provide extra insurance and parents’ peace of mine. This feature can help to reassure adults that their children will not be able to cause any trouble or potentially harm themselves. These locks are becoming a favourite feature of many consumers for the obvious reason of reassurance.


Fresh Spin Cycle

This feature is becoming more popular amongst new-model washing machines and is an important aspect for any busy individual. The fresh spin cycle is offered on a number of styles of washers and ensures that loads of laundries stay “fresh” between the washing and drying process. An additional process agitates the load back and forth to help ensure that the clothes do not become full of mildew before going into the dryer. 

This cycle can generally last for up for 6 hours, which gives busy individuals the peace of mind that their clothes will not be ruined if they are not able to switch loads around on time.



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