Finding That Celebrity Style: Handbags and Totes
Women everywhere appreciate exploring how the "other half" live. You know the ones. They are the celebrities that have more money than they have a clue what to do with.

Women everywhere appreciate exploring how the "other half" live. You know the ones. They are the celebrities that have more money than they have a clue what to do with. SO, what do they do? They invest it in stunning wardrobes and accessory collections to make any budding fashionista's mouth water – especially when it comes to handbags and totes.

However, you do not need to have a seemingly limitless budget for clothing and accessories in order to find a celebrity style that is all your own. You don't have to buy the big name bags celebrities are toting around in order to have the same look. Here are a few common trends to follow in the coming months if you want to imitate the handbag looks that celebrities are perfecting right now.


Think Big With Handbags

Big isn't always the best choice for the sake of your back but if you're going after the same looks the celebrities are using at the moment then big is what you're going to want. Big is in this year though. There's no denying that. Some of these handbags could easily surpass the carryon bag size restrictions at airports.

Most celebrities enjoy a few benefits that larger handbags can offer. First, they can carry almost everything in those larger bags. Some actually do carry their lives in their bags. From bottles of water, to lunches, to books (yes a few of them actually do read something other than scripts), sunglasses and changes of clothes. The bigger the bag, the greater its carrying capacity happens to be. 


Bold Colours are Big This Year

Bright colours – especially shades of orange – seem to be the stuff celebrities are carrying around big time this season when it comes to handbags. The great thing about orange is that it's a colour that really pops in an accessory – not so much for an entire outfit. 

Other colours that are standouts in the world of celebrity handbags and totes include: metallic colours such as bronze, gold and silver as well as bright shades of blue, green and purple. 


Don't Forget to Go Wild

Another thing that's big for celebrity style these days in handbags is animal prints. It's not just the spots of leopards anymore either. Zebra prints are making a huge splash on celebrity bags as are those of many other exotic animals.

Don't forget though that the call of the wild is not limited to prints. Many of the popular handbags we're seeing on celebrities also bear the textures of certain animals with snake skin and crocodile textures being among the most popular. Another thing we're seeing a good deal of is mixing the textures so that one bag may have a "patchwork" effect of animal skin.


Making it Your Own

In the end, most of us cannot afford to pay the heavy price that goes along with celebrity favourite handbags like Hermes, Bucci, Balenciaga Arena, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. But that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a look that's very similar. 

The thing to do when you want to imitate the look of your favourite celebrity or have simply fallen in love with the handbag she's carrying around is figure out exactly what it is you really love about the bag. Sometimes it's the size. But it may also be the colour, the material it's made of or even the size of the bag that catches your eye. Once you know what draws you to the bag you can get busy finding a similar bag that will suit you quite nicely. Then you can buy a perfect bag for you that is within your price range.