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Full HD Video Cameras for Less

6/10/2011 10:02:03 AM

HD video cameras are becoming a must-have for most every household in the country.

HD video cameras are becoming a must-have for most every household in the country. They allow for you to capture memories and provide your family with entertaining tapes of a variety of events throughout all of your lives. From baby’s first steps to your mum’s 75th birthday, HD camcorders allow for you to relive these memories in the highest of quality to make it seem as though you are right back at that exact moment.

If you have been shopping for a HD video camera, you are most likely well aware just how expensive that they can be. The high price tags often scare people off and make them settle for a lower quality camera for less money. Have you ever truly searched for an HD camera at a great price, though? Chances are that you haven’t gone into depth with just how much you can get for your money.

Cheap HD video cameras may be difficult to come by, but they are certainly worth the effort and trouble that is spent finding them. To save you some time and to help you get a video camera that you will love without all of the hassle, I have created a list of some of the top full HD video cameras that you are able to get for a reasonable price.


Memmoir Gold Full HD Camcorder

This state of the art device allows for you to experience the ultimate in high definition video recording and viewing at a very affordable price. With a low $379 price tag, you simply will not be able to get a better video camera at this price with all of the capabilities that the Memmoir provides. 

Pros: Without a doubt, the most attractive feature of the Memmoir Gold is its price tag. Without even breaking the $400 budget barrier, this video camera provides you with a number of outstanding abilities. Amongst these is the incredible 3 inch touch screen control, the 1920x1080 @ 30 frames per second recording feature, the 120x zoom, face detection capabilities, as well as white balance adjustment settings. A favourite feature of the Memmoir Gold is also the fact that is that it comes stock with all of the necessary equipment that you will need in order to share your videos with friends and family. 

Cons: Every great device that has multiple advantages also has its disadvantages. The biggest disappointment with the Memmoir Gold is the fact that it is built more like a child’s play toy than a video camera. Created from low-end plastic, this video camera feels cheap and is almost frightening to handle because of fear that it may break at any moment.


Kogan Full HD 1080P Camcorder

A great camera at a great price, the Kogan Full HD 1080P video camera remains one of the top-ranked budget camcorders. Although it does have a very small price tag under the $500 price point, this camera will certainly not disappoint. 

Pros: For anyone who is searching for an exemplary HD video camera at a great price, the Kogan is it. Lightweight and portability are the focus, along with providing users with a variety of features to help them personalise their shooting experience. The 1080P capability is undoubtedly the most attractive feature, however. With quality so crisp and clear, you will be able to relive your favourite moments with the absolute best of the best abilities.

Cons: Although lightweight, the Kogan is not the strongest HD video camera around. It is made completely out of plastic and feels and looks although even the smallest bump will completely ruin the camera. Though it does have outstanding quality, the overall performance is less than impressive. Users have found a number of focus problems as well.


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