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Full HD Video Cameras Tested and Reviewed

6/10/2011 10:12:46 AM

If you have been shopping around or just browsing through the selection of full HD video cameras that are available on the market today, you are likely well aware of the wide variety that are available.

If you have been shopping around or just browsing through the selection of full HD video cameras that are available on the market today, you are likely well aware of the wide variety that are available. It seems that each company is advertising their product as the “latest and greatest” camcorder. While most of them do exactly what the advertising spiel promises, it’s still worth checking the options available between those that are available to consumers.

Rationally speaking, ten separate companies cannot have the best video camera among all of the choices, but likely one of these highly rated camcorders really is the best for your unique needs. So how do you know exactly camcorders are the best available and which ones are the best to choose from? Below you will find a detailed guide that I have created that will help you select your perfect full HD video camera with great ease.


Canon Legria HV40

By now, you are probably used to seeing Canon on the top of any list that involves technology. Their cameras and printers are alone are some of the best quality that money can buy, and the Legria HV40 is certainly no exception to this rule.

• Pros: If you have found it difficult to shoot a good quality video in low-light situations, you’re not alone. These conditions are among the hardest to get a decent image out of, but somehow the Legria HV40 makes it happen. In fact, the low-light settings on this camera offer some of the best quality that you are able to get while even in the worst of conditions. Another great thing about this camcorder is its touch screen. It may seem a funny thing to mention about positive features of a video camera, but the touch screen on the HV40 provides its users with an easy to use control system that is stable and reliable unlike its competitors. Last, but not least, the overall design of the HV40 is simply incredible. It’s easy to hold, portable, and is laid out so that it is one of the most user friendly on the market.

• Cons: Though there are positives that well outweigh the negatives on the DV40, a deal breaker for some individuals is the fact that this camcorder does not have the best specifications for MiniDV and really limits what you can do.


Panasonic HDC-SD700

Described as the ultimate all around high-def video camera, this Panasonic is created to please. 

• Pros: On this camera, you will be amazed by the 1080p shooting capabilities, a manual focus ring to help ensure that you get the perfect shot every time, and a beautiful 14.2 mp still shot setting offer users the ultimate experience that every camcorder manufacturer should take note of.

• Cons: Though it may feature some luxurious features that other cameras do not offer, one of the least desired factors that bring this camera down a bit is its bulkiness. Especially with the emphasis on portability, this is a major problem for some people today. Also, there is no internal memory on the Panasonic HDC-SD700


Sony HDR-XR550

There might be some who question why I have even put this on the list since this model is so similar to the last one, but I have included it for that specific reason. 

• Pros: Outstanding overall performance, ample space for storing recordings, and it also offers numerous manual settings that enable you to ensure that you always are getting that perfect shot. 

• Cons: The biggest downside to this camcorder is its price tag. Sold at a whopping $2,100, some may not find it worth the money.


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