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HD Video Cameras for Film School Students

6/10/2011 10:25:57 AM

If you have taken the steps towards becoming the next Spielberg and enrolled yourself in film school, you are going to need a product that can provide you with a quality that reflects your talent.


If you have taken the steps towards becoming the next Spielberg and enrolled yourself in film school, you are going to need a product that can provide you with a quality that reflects your talent. There are thousands of options in the camcorder market today, and fussing with all of the features that each of these cameras offers can be a major hassle - not to mention time consuming.

For those of you who are interested in learning what the best cameras to accompany you in film school are, continue reading.


Canon VIXIA HF S200 HD Flash Memory

You’re probably used to see Canon at the top of recommended camera lists by now, and yes there is a reason for it. This camcorder will provide you with the outstanding quality that Canon is so well known for, at a price that simply cannot be beat. Weighing in at a mere $1,000, the VIXIA HF S200 HD Flash Memory is not only a part of the ever-popular family of quality Canon products, but also a great solution for the student on a budget. 

Don’t let the price of this camera fool you, though. A magnificent 5.1 –channel sound system will provide you will sound quality that will amaze you. There are two separate slots on the camera that are to be used to record your videos on SD memory cards, which is perfect for turning in assignments for classes.

While the sound quality of this camcorder alongside of the memory abilities is outstanding, there is one specific feature that truly makes it an ideal student camera. The AF technology is revolutionary and allows for very rapid auto-focus with a quality that other cameras only wish that they could deliver.


Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD

Though it does ring up a little bit higher than the Canon VIXIA ($1,700), the HMC40 is worth every cent. At an extraordinary 2 pounds, this video camera allows students to remove some of that infamous backpack weight and to help save your back the strain. The camera offers total HD AVCHD recording as well as beautiful still photo capabilities that clock in at a magnificent 10.6Mp. 

Traditional SD memory card slot is the name of the game when it comes to storage on the HMC40, with the ability to record up to seven hours of video. A 5,800mAh battery is also included to allow you to have maximum time before having to recharge.


Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD MiniDV Handycam

This Handycam may be bit more expensive than previous models from Sony, an extensive battery life that allows for an amazing nine hour recording capability or thirteen hours of playback make the DCR-VX2100 worth the additional money that is spent. 

A revolutionary piece of technology, the camera’s HAD progressive scan CCD system allows for users to experience a fully-illuminated image without having to use infrared features. 


Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital

Another Canon means another fabulous product that is available on the market for students everywhere. It is budget friendly and incredibly advanced with all of its features, can you possibly ask for more? Its specialised Professional L-Series Fluorite lens provides users with a certain level of quality and just overall incredible clear images that will blow your mind. This unique feature is specific to Canon and this camera model and cannot be found anywhere else.

Though the lens itself is enough to sell the GL2 MiniDV to most people, Canon did not stop there. This camera offers two separate audio recording options; a two channel 16-bit audio or a 12-bit with an audio split. Either way, you are sure to be “wowed” with both the image and sound quality of this incredible camcorder. 


Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100BP(S) 3-CCD MiniDV Proline

Although Canon usually beats out Panasonic in the world of technology, there is an exception when it comes to this Panasonic video camera. Thousands of people use it across the world, both in the professional movie industry and students. There are a wide variety of features that allow for you to constantly grow and experience new opportunities in your talents.

First off, the Optic Image Stabilizer (OIS) creates an image that you have only ever seen in the cinemas. This model-specific feature offers users a crisp and clean picture with almost no visible blurring that is a constant occurrence when you change the positions of the camera. 

Another wonderful feature about this camera is its weight and structure. Everything is evenly balanced out to ensure that you are able to hold the camera without the typical favouritism of either front or rear leaning and provide you with a better shot.



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