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The Best Video Camera Brands for Pros and Beginners

6/10/2011 10:53:49 AM

Whether you are a professional or a newbie behind the lens, your decision on what video camera to use to record your memories and experiences can be a difficult one.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie behind the lens, your decision on what video camera to use to record your memories and experiences can be a difficult one. There are numerous brands, that have models of camcorders, which all seem to be incredibly similar and it can be hard to determine differences in them.

The first step in sifting through which video cameras are a good investment and which of them are simply a waste of money is to understand who makes the best products on the market. Using the guide that I have constructed below, you will be able to see my top choices for camcorder brands. You should also learn why they hold such a high reputation, in my opinion as well as millions of other users’.



Although there are some that won’t agree with me, Sony makes some of the best video cameras for beginners that are available to the general public. Their expansive line of the ever-popular Sony HandyCam has taken top honours for the “best of” lists for entry-level camcorders for multiple years in a row. 

Their user friendly design allows for you to handle the camera with great ease and gives you all of the necessary features to help you blossom in the world of video recording. Easy to use and understand functions provide you with the chance to shoot a quality video, without all of the confusing terms and commands. The HandyCam is also a favourite of video camera users, both old and new alike, because of its low price point. A base model HandyCam will come in at just under $700, and for that price you receive a lot of functions and overall quality.



Honestly, what can I say about Canon that has not already been said? This brand has been set on a very high pedestal for as long as they have been around, and year after year they continue to impress us with ground-breaking technology and revolutions in their designated fields. Their line of video cameras is certainly no exception.

Offering both professional and introductory-level cameras, Canon provides a wide variety of options for everyone in every price point. One thing that is consistent with every single model, however, is Canon’s unbeatable quality. Known as one of the best in the world’s leading providers of video cameras, digital and SLR cameras, and printers, the Canon company offers a product that all of their competitors strive to match in every aspect.



When it comes to high-quality video cameras for a range of uses and levels, Panasonic is rarely mentioned. I’m not quite sure of the reason why this is true, as they provide an outstanding overall product that allows for users to have an easy to operate superiority that many other companies cannot compete with. 

Though they were once known as a low-end solution for technological devices, Panasonic has turned a major corner in the past 5 years. Their quality has gotten significantly more impressive and the overall products that they have been making lately are a truly great deal at their price tag. Coming in at lower retail costs than their other counterparts, Panasonic offers a great camcorder at a great price. 


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