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The Latest Video Camera Technology Rated

6/10/2011 10:55:30 AM

Since the introduction of the video camera in the early 1990’s, they have been a device that many people simply cannot live without.

Since the introduction of the video camera in the early 1990’s, they have been a device that many people simply cannot live without. Their ability to capture memories and relive them at a later time is a real draw for many people and allows for individuals to experience times with loved ones that are cherished for the rest of their lives. 

Video cameras have undoubtedly come a long way since then. With the incorporation of high definition quality becoming a standard in all camcorders and also the ability to even shoot in 3D, camcorders are quickly rising in popularity and continue to do so.

Whether you are shopping for your very first video camera, or you are looking to replace a dated one, it helps to know what the latest and greatest technologies are on the market. You want to be assured that you are able to have the best of the best and have all of the capabilities that the revolutionary cameras of today have to offer. Using the guide that I have created, you will be able to see detailed reviews of some of the technology world’s most advanced and popular video cameras that stand out above the rest.


Panasonic HX-WA10

Perfect for those who are in need of a video camera to capture water-bound events, this camera provides quality as well as the ultimate in user-friendly size that comes in under the $300 price point. 

• Pros: In a country that is so focused on life around the water, the HX-WA10 is the ideal piece of technology. Waterproof design allows for surfers, beach goers, and anyone who is interested the ability to shoot without fear of ruining their camcorder. It is very portable, and as a water proof camera that can be used in underwater situation, this is perfect. The quality of the video is also extremely good for its size. The screen itself also tilts and rotates to allow for easy viewing and recording capabilities.

• Cons: Although the size may be convenient, the design can be a difficult manoeuvre for some people. The pistol-grip style can prove to be awkward at some points. 


Canon Legria HF G10

Canon is without a doubt one of the top brands in the world of technology, and this camera is a prime example of why. Stunning quality and a user friendly design offers the ultimate camcorder for those who wish to pay the price.

• Pros: The biggest advantage to the Legria HF G10 is its low-light shooting capabilities. Many users have had trouble with finding a camera with this feature in the past, but not more. No matter how much light you do or don’t have, you will be able to get a crisp, clear and beautiful picture. Also, like any Canon, its design and durability is impeccable.

• Cons: The biggest downside to this camera is its price. Breaking the high-end budget barrier at $1,700, the HF G10 is no small investment.



Though it is not one of the better known brands, this camera provides a high-quality sports camera that is both user friendly and just an all-around great piece of equipment. 

• Pros: Budget friendly at under $600, this camera is ideal for everyday camera users. The design allows for easy understanding of features as well as Bluetooth connections, HDMI output, and iPhone app correlation abilities.

• Cons: This camera is a bit more expensive than the other Contour models, and some may argue that it is simply not worth it. The stock lens has also proven to be very prone to scratches and damage.


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