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Which Video Camera Is Right For You? Find Out!

6/10/2011 11:01:41 AM

There are a number of things that should be considered before investing in the usually costly investment of a video camera.

There are a number of things that should be considered before investing in the usually costly investment of a video camera. Everything from portability and down to the very last miniscule feature should all be looked at when shopping for a camcorder. After all, this is a device that will be recording your memories so that you are able to reminisce about them later on so you obviously want the quality to be impeccable. 

However, if you have been anywhere near an electronics store and seen how many models and choices there are for video cameras, you probably felt your heart skip a beat and didn’t even give it a chance to try and find a camcorder. You aren’t alone. People are so overwhelmed with all of the features, designs, and colours that are available on the market for video cameras today that shopping for one can turn into a miserable and difficult decision.

You don’t want for this to be a bad experience. Shopping for a video camera should be enjoyable, but that can be difficult when you are being torn in many different directions. In order to take a little bit of the burden off of yourself and to help reduce the stress that is involved, read the following reviews of some of the top camcorders that I have created to help people just like you find the camera that is best suited for your unique lifestyle and needs.


Sony HDR-XR550

The Sony HDR-XR550 is one of the top of the line models that is available on the camcorder market today. It provides its user with revolutionary features and focuses on providing a quality video with a number of settings that make it fully customisable. Sony is known for their extensive options of video cameras, but there is a reason that the HDR-XR550 made this list and the others were left in the dust. 

•  Pros: An expansive internal memory of 240 GB provides you with a remarkable amount of storage space right out of the box. The sleek design allows for easy shooting, no more struggling with awkward shapes. The overall performance of this camera is virtually unbeatable. Beautiful quality alongside of a 12mp still image setting allows for multiple uses without skimping on the quality of either photo or video. If you enjoy and understand manual setting, the HDR-XR550 is sure to please. It offers a number of manual features to ensure that you get the perfect shot, every time.

•  Cons: The biggest disconcerting factor of the HDR-XR550 is its price tag. Though you are probably used to seeing prices on the higher side by now, this Sony takes the cake with its hefty retail asking price of $2100. Many people will not justify spending this because of the model’s almost identical similarity of the camera that it replaced, the HDR-XR250.


Canon Legria HF M31

Speaking of repetitive, you are probably completely sick of seeing Canon on the “best of” lists for just about every type of technology out there. However, if you’ve ever owned a Canon of any type, you understand just why it continues to make the list. With the introduction of the new Legria HF M31, it’s simply no surprise as to why they keep winding up in the top honours.

•  Pros: If you owned the Legria HF20, which is last year’s model that the HF M31 is replacing, the specifications of this camcorder will seem very familiar to you. It is nearly identical in fact. The camera provides a gorgeous HD picture, even in overly exposed situations. This camera’s claim to fame is also its extremely budget-friendly price tag.

•  Cons: The biggest con to the HF M31 is actually its slim design. Though some long for this design, it just feels awkward on this camcorder; perhaps Canon can enhance that for their replacement model. Another thing that some people may not like is that it lacks the hook-up for an external microphone. 


Panasonic HDC-SDT750

Imagine having the ability to shoot your memories in 3D. That’s right; relive your greatest moments later while enjoying it as though you are actually there once again. Panasonic has truly outdone themselves with this one. 

•  Pros: The 3D capabilities are without a doubt this camera’s claim to fame, although it does take some getting used to. But don’t underestimate this one, the HD quality is absolutely unreal and it is an all-around great camera.

•  Cons: One thing that many users have complained of with the HDC-SDT750 is the fact that the camera does get warm during operation. No one has noticed any issues that come of this, but it might put a sense of fear into some owners.


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