What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee? Coffee Maker Reviews
16/12/2011 11:45:44 AM
If anybody were to ask you what makes for a great cup of coffee, your most probable answer will be coffee beans, milk and other ingredients of the highest quality as well as the freshest water.

If anybody were to ask you what makes for a great cup of coffee, your most probable answer will be coffee beans, milk and other ingredients of the highest quality as well as the freshest water. These ingredients must then be processed to perfection so that each step builds on the subtle flavours and aromas of coffee with the final result being a cup of coffee with ambrosia-like qualities. Your answer is obviously correct. 

Of course, we cannot underestimate the role that coffee makers do in making a great cup of java, be it brewed hot coffee or cold sweet cappuccino. Keep in mind that even high-quality coffee beans and fresh water must undergo a process to transform their raw goodness into a delicious beverage and this is where the right coffee maker comes in. 


Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew 

Cuisinart is a well-renowned international brand of kitchen appliances including coffee makers. One of its more popular coffee machines is the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-cup brew with an approximate price $263 AUD. The black and brushed metal makes for a sleek streamlined look that blends in well with most modern kitchens, or you can always choose the stainless steel version. 

With its enviably excellent brewing performance aided by a programmable timer, a small batch setting and a pause-and-serve function, reviewers love the DCC-1200. When you use it as directed by the manufacturer, you are sure to enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee within minutes. Your coffee will remain hot but not burnt even for a few hours after brewing, thanks to the adjustable-temperature hot plate. 


Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

The Saeco Syntia espresso machine and coffee maker is on the high–end of the market with an approximate price of $1,100 AUD in stores and sites. However, when you think that this is a super-automatic espresso machine, you will see how its features more than justify its price tag. By the way, Phillips, one of the world leaders in electronics, manufactures this machine. 

Coffee experts recommend getting a coffee maker with at least 1,250 watts of power – the Saeco Syntia has 1,400 watts. This should be more than sufficient to brew the coffee at the right temperature. When coupled with its rapid steam technology, you should be able to enjoy virtually all types of delicious coffee including espresso, cappuccino and macchiato within seconds. 

Yet another thing that we like about the Saeco Syntia coffee maker is the customisable settings. You can make coffee with varying strengths from short to long coffee. This means that everybody in the house can enjoy their own version of coffee heaven. 


Bodum Chambord 1932 12-Cup Coffee Maker

You can also enjoy great coffee with the Bodum Chambord 1932, which is a 12-cup capacity manual coffee maker. The friendliest price we can find for it was $57.95 AUD in stores, exclusive of shipping fee. 

This is a French press, obviously, so you must get your hand to it in order to enjoy your coffee. You will savour the rich coffee bean oils that only a French press can make. This is the old-fashioned way to make coffee and I can say that it is just as good as the technology-driven coffee machines. 

You will like the stainless steel filter assembly, the reliable borosilicate glass and the removable chrome-plated frame of the Bodum Chambord. There is an Old World Appeal to this machine that nicely contrasts with modern kitchen décor. 


Bialetti Moka Sound 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Yet another affordable old-fashioned coffee maker that makes great coffee is the Bialetti Moka Sound. You can purchase it in stores and online sites for approximately $40 AUD after which you have the benefit of brewing a maximum of 6 cups on it. 

In a way, this is taking your coffee game to the next level mainly because your skills and talents in making coffee without the benefit of buttons, timers and computers will be tested. After all, this stovetop coffee maker requires its users to measure the beans, watch the pot to avoid burning the beans and then pouring the hot coffee from the pot. You cannot get more old-fashioned in the modern world of coffee than that! 


In conclusion, whenever you want a great cup of coffee, go and make your own with one of these coffee makers. You will be doing your palate and pockets a favour by lessening your visits to the pricey neighbourhood café down the road.