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Electric Stoves vs. Gas Cook Tops

6/10/2011 4:19:00 PM

When purchasing a new stovetop for your home, there are many options available and many more aspects to consider. Below is a list of aspects to consider.

When purchasing a new stovetop for your home, there are many options available and many more aspects to consider. Below is a list of aspects to consider.

1. Price of electric stoves vs. gas cook tops

2. Which of these is your kitchen set up for/availability

3. Efficiency

4. Maintenance/ Clean Up

5. Personal Preference

6. Safety


Stovetop Pricing

Typically, the cost of an electric stovetop is less expensive than gas. The pricing is usually lower on electric stovetops that have the coil burners. The flat stovetops are more expensive due to popularity and convenience. Gas stovetops can be purchased with four, five or six burners. Though the gas cook top is initially more expensive to purchase it is cheaper to operate. The prices can vary when electricity or gas prices escalate or drop. 



If your home has been equipped with an electric stove hook-up, it will be much more expensive to have it changed over to accommodate a gas stovetop. Same goes for if it was initially set up for a gas hook-up and you want to change to an electric stovetop.



When using a gas stovetop, you have instant gratification. After the pilot light has been lit, you just turn the knob and the flame starts. Turn the knob to the far right and then whatever you are cooking will receive maximum heat. On the electric stovetop, two things will be different. Your burner will need to warm up and then cool down afterwards. Once you turn this knob – there will be hesitation as the burner heats up and your dish will still be cooking until the burner cools down after you turn the knob to off.


Maintenance/Clean up

Both of these stove tops will needed to be cleaned properly. On the gas stove, the burner can be scrubbed with an SOS pad or Brillo pad with detergent. The burner grate will lift off and can be put into the sink and soaked clean. The top of the gas stovetops need to be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner. The reflector bowls need to be cleaned after all spills. Stains will be easier to remove at this time. It’s also relatively inexpensive to purchase new reflector bowls if they get very grimy. 

On an electric stove top you must be careful and remember the dangers associated with electricity and water. Wipe down the coil burners; do not immerse them in water. The flat ceramic stovetops are much easier to keep clean, but must be cleaned often using products made especially for this purpose. An SOS pad or steel wool will permanently mar the surface. 


Personal Preference

Many people have definite favourites when it comes to choosing between a gas and electric stovetop. Someone used to a gas stove will be aggravated with the slowness of the electric stovetop. It will try their patience daily. A downside to the gas stove is occasional problems with getting the burners to light. But, if for some reason you lose your electricity for any length of time, you can still cook on your gas stove. Some of the newer gas stovetops have modern ignitions that do not require a pilot light. A pilot light emits gas fumes and continually consumes gas. 



Safety issues connected to both of these stovetops should be considered. On electric stovetops there is the possibility and probability that occasionally you will turn on the wrong burner. There is a burner chart on the stovetop, but it can be confusing. When this happens there is the danger of someone putting their hand on a hot burner, more often it’s a plastic item such as a bowl, that gets accidentally melted or something in a pan that will get burned. With gas stoves, the main concern is the emission of gas. Don’t store items inside either of these ovens or lay items on either stovetop, fire can occur.


This information is provided to help you determine which stovetop will best fit your needs. Each is a valid issue to consider, good luck with your purchase.


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