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The Best Cook Tops and Ranges for Less

6/10/2011 4:34:55 PM

The best way to get an idea of the best cooktops/ranges for less is to consult various Consumer Reports.

The best way to get an idea of the best cooktops/ranges for less is to consult various Consumer Reports. The bestselling ranges will be a good monitor of which cook tops are the best for your money. In today’s market, you need to be doing your research so that your purchases are made intelligently. 

Most individuals have a strong preference for purchasing and cooking on specific cook tops. For varying reasons you may prefer either gas over electric stovetops or visa-versa. It is rarely because of the cost. However, whatever you do, you should always look at the stovetop’s efficiency and safety.

With the factors in mind, here is a list of the most popular selling cook tops. 


Top Five Most Popular Gas Stoves According to Consumer Report

1. Electrolux 30 in. $1,836

2. General Electric Profile $1060

3. Bosch Integra 700 $1,875

4. Maytag Gemini Stainless $1,128

5. Maytag Gemini $1,453


Top Five Most Popular Electric Ranges (coil)

1. General Electric $1072

2. Whirlpool from $338

3. Kenmore Electric $299

4. Frigidaire $339

5. Galaxy $278


Top Three Most Popular Induction Ranges

1. Bosch $2,629

2. Fisher & Paykel $2,149

3. Blanco $1,954


Ultimately your choice will come down to how much space you have in your kitchen, how much you use your stove and how many you are cooking for. This will help you decide which is the best range for you. Sure the price is important, but not as important as being a good fit for your family. Do you need a double oven, or extra burners or an added space for grilling? These are important options to think about.


New or Existing Connection

If you are choosing a stovetop for a home you are building, you will want to consider the pros and cons of a gas vs. electric stovetop. If you are replacing a stovetop in an existing residence, it will be less expensive and less trouble to stay with a stovetop that will have the similar dimensions and same connections as were there before. 

Research the brands available to you and go online to read consumer product reviews when provided. Also shopping online can sometimes be the best route to go. Shipping and sales tax are generally included in the price. E-marketing is a valuable source for eliminating options before you go out and do the legwork. Research the latest technology available. Many companies offer several different models of their cooktops. By eliminating the models you are not interested in, you downsize your list, without the hassle of salesmen or driving. 

If you are concerned about pricing, it is also wise to see which models are the least expensive to operate. Gas is sometimes cheaper than electricity, but if you lose electric power for a long period of time, it would be quite an advantage to have a gas cooktop. Gas power is generally more reliable than electricity. Again you will need to weigh these options.


Induction Stove Tops

Induction stovetops are relatively new. They are designed to produce heat inside the cooking dish, not the top of the stove. On other electric stovetops, there is always the possibility of turning on a burner by accident. Maybe before you realize this has happened you have heated up the wrong pan or burned a cup towel or possibly someone’s hand. A gas stovetop with a pilot light continuously uses gas. The gas burner emits more gas than is necessary to heat the cooking dish and typically heats up the whole kitchen. The induction stovetop, while initially more expensive, can save money in the long run, plus it is more energy efficient and safer.



The information provided here is designed to give you a jump-start on your quest to purchase the stovetop that is right for you. Congratulations on doing your homework and becoming an enlightened consumer. Typically, a stovetop will last you 10+ years, so this is a decision you should not take lightly.


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