Celebrity Hair: What Hair Care Products Are the Stars Using?
Most people think that their favourite celebrity was born with perfect hair.

Most people think that their favourite celebrity was born with perfect hair. But in fact, most movie, TV and even soap stars use the latest and greatest hair care products. You can use the very same products to give your hair that sheen, that style and that bounce that your favourite star wears around with ease. And to help you make good use of your hair care makeover shopping trip, we've compiled a nice list made up of creams, gels, sprays and more, all designed to make you look like the star you truly are.


ISH Ionic Rescue One-Minute Treatment

This cream takes one minute to apply and the results come ultra-fast. Once you apply the cream to your hair, use a blow dryer to lock it in. The special formula contains tiny crystals that melt when the heat of the dryer is applied. Your hair will bounce back to life quickly, giving it a luxurious look that belongs on the red carpet.


ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment

This 'Salon-Strength' conditioning treatment will quickly infuse your hair with the required nutrients. Think of it as a 'Multi-Vitamin' for your hair's follicles. With just a few treatments, you'll get celebrity-silky hair that lasts six weeks!

Celebrities everywhere use both of these ISH Ionic hair care creams and it works on any texture and style of hair.

Kim Kardashian Loves These Products

I don't care who you are, you would love to have Kim Kardashian's hair, am I right? Well, now you can. In an interview with Beauty Buzz online magazine, Kim revealed that she loves and never leaves home without the following products:

• Bumble and Bumble Tonic Shampoo: This peppermint and tea-tree oil shampoo will leave your scalp and hair feeling silky and soft.

• John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum: With only a dime-sized amount, this serum will instantly turn your hair glossier and stronger after a shower.

• Bumble and Bumble Shine: If you are used to using blow-dryers and curling irons, you may experience dry and frizzy hair. This shine spray will enhance your hair's lustre without weighing it down.

• Biosilk Silk Therapy: Before you blow-dry your hair, rub a few drops of this formula into your hair. You'll love the smell and your hair will enjoy all-day protection.

• Kerastase Masque Oleo-Relax Slim: This masque can be used once-per-week to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

Kim uses these products and now you can, too, as they are sold online and in beauty supply stores.


Vanessa Minnillo's Hair Care Secret

Vanessa Minnillo looked great for her wedding when she married Nick Lachey and her hair always looks long and silky smooth. And now she's finally spilled the beans about her hair care regimen. It turns out, Vanessa uses Black 15-in-1 Miracle Hair Treatment. 

Black 15-in-1 Hair Care Treatment

This hair care treatment is designed to work no matter what type of hair you have. Whether you have straight, curly, frizzy, oily, colour treated, processed, fine or thinning hair, this product will always have your hair looking newly washed and styled. You may not always look like Vanessa Minnillo, but your hair might just rival hers, or even surpass hers, you never know.


Christina Hendricks Uses Goldwell's Dualsense Color Leave-In-Mousse

If you've ever seen an episode of TV's Mad Men, you've likely noticed the stand-out redhead. Christina Hendricks has been making headlines ever since that show hit the air, but it turns out that her red hair may not be natural. Christina admitted in a recent interview that she's been dying her hair for so long that she can't remember her natural colour. But she also admitted to using Goldwell's Dualsense, which helps to protect your hair's colour, no matter what colour that might be.

With this leave-in serum, your hair will always look and feel healthy and brilliant. Colour-treated hair needs to be replenished and essentially 'fed'. With Goldwell's Dualsense, you'll stabilize your hair's colour, you'll prolong the life if that colour and you'll maintain your hair's visibility and brilliance. If you want to see how well it works, watch Mad Men and keep an eye out for Christina. You can't miss her. She's the red head with the attention-grabbing, silky, luxurious and ultra-healthy hair.

There you have it. You now have everything you need to look, act and feel like your favourite celebrity. Just wait until the world gets a load of you, and wait to see what that boost in attention will do for your confidence. Look out world, here you come.