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5.1 And 7.1 Surround Sound Home Theatres for Cheap

7/10/2011 10:15:10 AM

Until recently, home theatre had the stigma of being something that was only for real audio enthusiasts who had no problem spending thousands of dollars on all kinds of speakers and other home audio gear.

Until recently, home theatre had the stigma of being something that was only for real audio enthusiasts who had no problem spending thousands of dollars on all kinds of speakers and other home audio gear. With the saturation of DVD players and the growing popularity of 3-D and Blu-ray, this notion is being relegated to the past where it belongs. 

Nowadays, anyone interested in hearing movies the way the studios intended them to be heard can spend $200 and come home with five speakers and a subwoofer which can give you a fair approximation of theatre sound. Name brands have taken care to make their home theatre packages easy for the layman to install and configure. 

Brands like Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic all offer entry level home theatre systems in a box that will give you the sound you want at a price you can afford, whether you elect to go with the cheaper 5.1 channel variety or the newer and more expensive 7.1 channel systems. Here are a few of each that offer a big bang for the buck.


Panasonic SC-XH50

RRP: $229

Hard to believe you can now walk out of the store, virtual or otherwise, with a full 5.1 channel DVD home theatre system for around $200, but it’s true. While this entry level model lacks internet connectivity, it does feature an extremely easy setup routine as well as a down-firing subwoofer for maximum bass response. You can even cluster the five speakers tightly together if you don’t have the room to spread out and still receive vibrant sound. This system will also up-convert your DVD’s to look their best on an HD TV. Although inexpensive, this system provides a good combination of features and audio fidelity.


LG HB806SG 5.1 Channel 3-D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

RRP: $399

Even 3-d Blu-ray is now eminently affordable with LG’s new HB806SG satellite 3-d home theatre system. Enjoy a 3-d Blu-ray viewing experience, (3-D TV required,) and crisp sound from the five satellite speakers and passive subwoofer. 

This LG home theatre also boasts a suite of streaming video options if you have an internet connection. While it doesn’t include WI-FI, it does allow you to stream everything from YouTube to American baseball from the comfort of your lounge, provided you have a router nearby the unit to facilitate the internet connection. One other notable feature is the USB recording mode, in which you can insert a CD, and the system will copy the songs to a device attached to the USB port as mp3’s. That’s something you don’t usually see at this price point.


Samsung HT-D6750W 7.1 Channel 3-D Home Theatre System

RRP: $599

As you can see, 7.1 channel home theatre hasn’t yet come down to Earth as far as prices go, but you can bet that as Blu-ray becomes more popular, you’ll start to see these prices drop. 

This Samsung system brings a huge suite of features to your home theatre, including a special 3-D sound mode in which sound surrounds you not just horizontally but vertically. It includes Power Bass to get more pop from the passive subwoofer and a Super Tweeter to bring out the high frequency sounds. It includes full WI-FI capabilities and a host of features to take full advantage of them. 

For the money, this is truly a well-rounded home theatre system that combines the best of 3-D audio and video with a premier set of online features that will entertain you and yours for years.


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