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Five of the Best Home Theatre Systems

7/10/2011 10:42:36 AM

When shopping for home theatre systems, you’re only limited by your budget and available space.

When shopping for home theatre systems, you’re only limited by your budget and available space. In Australia, however, you’re also limited by the lack of availability of certain higher-end brands such as Onkyo. While Onkyo components are available here, the mark-up on them is so great as to put them out of range for most buyers. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on home theatre systems which are easily obtainable inside Australia for a reasonable price. And we’re not without our share of powerful systems here, as you’ll see.


Yamaha YHT-1096AU High Definition 7.2 Channel Home Theatre System

RRP: $3,999

This system is unique in today’s home theatre market because it has not one, but two powered subwoofers. You’ll need a good-sized room to take advantage of this beast, not to mention a thick wallet, but if you have both, get ready to rumble. 

The Yamaha YHT-1096AU High Definition 7.2 Channel Home Theatre System puts out 130 watts of distortion-free sound to all seven channels, plus the two subwoofer channels, and it has more than enough inputs to account for every component in your home theatre as well as any you may add in the future. It’s powered by Yamaha’s RX-V771 receiver, a quality unit in its own right. 

Yamaha is famous for its bells and whistles, and the YHT-1096 is no exception. One particularly cool feature is the YPAO room calibration, which is a common feature on Yamaha systems, but this one takes it one step further by allowing you to automatically equalize the sound from three different places in your home theatre. We could go on all day describing the various nifty features such as dual zones, two HDMI outputs, compressed music enhancement, built in iPod/iPhone connectivity and remote capability, and tons more, but we simply don’t have the space. 

The Yamaha YHT-1096 also includes seven speakers that look as good as they sound. The ensemble is topped off by two 270-watt powered subwoofers, for a home theatre experience that will have your friends begging to stop by to hear.


Samsung HT-D6750W

RRP: $899

3-d is the name of the game with this Blu-ray home theatre system. Not only can the system convert 2-d programming to 3-d, it also includes a bevy of surround sound enhancements that serve to immerse the listener in the movie or TV experience. 

Connectivity is also a strong suit of the Samsung HT-d6750W. With its built-in Wi-Fi, All Share technology and SmartHub feature, you’ll have more ways to view video content than you’ve ever had before. 

The HT-D6750W is a 7.1 channel system which includes a Blu-ray player as well, so all you need to enjoy the cutting edge in audio and video technology is a 3-D TV. With an amplifier, six speakers, a passive radiator subwoofer and Samsung’s Super Tweeter technology, you won’t be lacking for full-range sound. Plus, the wireless rear speakers eliminate the hassle of wiring up your lounge room like a TV studio. 


Yamaha HN-671

RRP: $1,999

This is a 7.1 channel powerhouse which gives you all you need to enjoy the latest Blu-ray movies the way they were meant to be heard, without completely breaking your bank account in the process. While still on the pricy side compared to some other brands like Sony and Samsung, you truly get what you pay for as far as quality construction and no-frills, enveloping sound for both music and movies. 

This system is a bit less powerful than the 1096, and it lacks dual subwoofers, but you’ll find it more than up to the task of pumping professional-grade audio into your home theatre. Beyond the lower power and slightly more limited connectivity, this unit has plenty in common with the 1096, and its 100 watt powered subwoofer can still shake things up quite nicely.


Sony BDV-E980W

RRP: $899

For about the same price as the Samsung, this Sony system provides a bit more punch on the low end with the same 3-D audio and video capabilities. However, the system is only 5.1 channels, meaning you don’t get the extra two channels in the rear on Blu-ray discs. 

You know a Sony system is going to have its own unique style, and the BDV-E980W is no exception. But it backs up this style with a full suite of online video options and audio and video enhancements. The amplifier puts out 1,000 watts of total power, more than enough to fill a medium to large room with rich sound. 


Yamaha YHT-296

RRP: $649

This is Yamaha’s 5.1 channel entry level unit. While certainly more expensive than many on the market, its durability and sound quality mean it will last longer and sound better than most units in its price range.


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