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Get More Battery Life from Your Smart Phone

7/10/2011 5:16:57 PM

If you own a smart phone you are well aware of all of the incredible features and benefits that these amazing little devices hold.


If you own a smart phone you are well aware of all of the incredible features and benefits that these amazing little devices hold. You are able to check your email, browse the internet, and play some very intriguing games-all while you are on the go. These revolutionary pieces of technology have proven themselves time and time again as a favourite of many individuals when it comes to personal devices, and for very obvious reasons.

However, though there are positives, like everything else smart phones do have their fair share of negatives. The largest and most significant of these is without a doubt the battery life, or lack thereof. Because of all of the applications and programs that are constantly being run on a smart phone, it greatly affects just how long the battery life is. It seems as though companies keep inventing new and better applications and smart phones that possess the ability to run multiple programs at once, but keep forgetting that all of these wonderful innovations are affecting how long you have before you have to plug your phone in again. Although there is no true way to make the battery physically able to hold a better charge, there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure that you are getting the most out of your smart phone battery and are preserving it as much as possible. 


Using Your Phone’s Energy-Saving Settings

Yes, believe it or not, your smart phone does in fact have settings that are specifically designed to save battery life. Generally, after going to the menu and then to the “phone settings” option you will be able to find another option that will take you to a screen that is dedicated to telling you just how to save maximum energy and where the settings should be to do so. 

The biggest factor that contributes to battery consumption is the brightness of your screen. If you have the at the brightest level for whatever reason, you are using about 60% more battery power than a person that leaves the screen settings on the default factory option. To ensure you are getting the best use out of your battery, when it comes to the screen the general rule of thumb is that the dimmer the screen remains, the better. Also, keep track of how long you allow the screen to stay on. If you change the settings so that the screen does not shut off until 2 minutes of inactivity, you are wasting a lot of battery power.


Charge Whenever and Wherever You Can

The greatest advantage to the recent innovations to the smart phone is the ability to be charged virtually anywhere that you want. Along with the introduction of the USB charger, users can now plug their smart phones into their GPS systems in their car and their laptops and computers. No more having to look for a nearby wall outlet to plug into, you are able to hook up to virtually anything these days. And whenever you get the chance, you indefinitely should plug your smart phone in. This will help to increase the general life of your battery so that it is not struggling to keep the phone operating.


Use Your Phone What It Is Really For

Because of all of the features that are offered on smart phones, we are so tempted to use all of the great programs and applications such as email to keep in touch with our friends as opposed to the old days when we had to actually use the calling option to talk to people. In fact, calling individuals versus emailing or text messaging them will help to save you a significant amount of battery power, and will also help your relationship a lot more with that person.



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