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Innovative Smart Phone Accessories - Must Haves

7/10/2011 5:18:56 PM

If you are like most of the world, you have probably already embraced the overwhelming world of smart phones.

If you are like most of the world, you have probably already embraced the overwhelming world of smart phones. Their sleek and stylish designs as well as their incredible technology make them to be one of the most desirable products that are sold on the technological market today. They provide extreme convenience, and not to mention an all-around incredible device to their owners and seem to be revolutionizing themselves on a daily basis. 

From Google’s operating system, Android, to the ever-popular computer giant of Apple and their iPhones, you just can’t go wrong with the decision to purchase a smart phone.

While the initial choice of investing in a smart phone is an exciting step on its own, another thing to consider while purchasing your new smart phone is what accessories you will need to go along with it. There are a wide variety of “must-have” accessories, as well as a few that are just fabulous to have. 


Screen Protectors

Put this item on your “must-have” list, as it’s one of the more valuable accessories you’ll ever buy. Because a majority of the smart phones available today consist of a touch-screen command system, protecting this screen is vital to the phone’s ability to function without any issues. If your screen obtains scratches or even dings in the material, it could very easily become a major problem and might even force you to buy a new phone.

With a screen protector, a thin piece of strong plastic attaches to the screen using a self-adhesive on the rear of the protector. Though it may not seem all that effective, don’t let the thickness of this material fool you. The specialized plastic works to ensure that nothing gets on the screen of your smart phone. This includes scratches, fingerprints, and it even eliminates the possible of pieces of the screen getting chipped or broken from accidental drops. 

So before you try to think of any other accessories that you will need for your smart phone, be sure to spend an extra $15 and invest in a screen protector. It may just save you from having to buy another phone in the near future. 


Car Mounts 

Perfect for if you are always on the go, car mounts are a driver’s best friend. These handy little tools simply suction onto your front windshield underneath your rear view mirror to give you complete visibility of your mobile phone. 

For people who have a GPS-enabled smart phone, a car mount is a very valuable investment. Instead of having to fiddle with a solid place to set your phone to get directions to your destination without having the phone slide all over the car, you are able to lock the phone into a highly visible place where it is safe from harm and you are not risking having to reach all over your vehicle while driving.

Another great perk of a car mount is the ability to talk hands-free. If you don’t already have a hands-free ear piece, a car mount is a wonderful option for you. This works by the mobile phone using your vehicle’s speakers to act as your sound system and you having the ability to talk to the person you are on the phone by simply speaking just as you would to someone that is in the car with you. The phone uses its built-in microphone to pick up your voice and transfer it just as it would as if you had the phone to your ear.


USB Charger

If you have a recent model of a smart phone, you probably have noticed by now that your charger doubles as a USB adaptor for your computer. I, personally, absolutely love this great innovation. It makes sharing pictures and storing them easier than ever and allows you to put your computer-based music library onto your phone with great ease. 

The USB charger is also a great change for the smart phones because you have the ability to charge your phone in a lot more places as opposed to a traditional charger. Though they do hook up to a specialised variety of charger, you are able to plug your phone into your computer or even your GPS in the car and have the ability to make sure your phone has all of the life that it needs.


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