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This Year's Coolest Tech Trends: Phone Accessories

7/10/2011 5:26:38 PM

Don’t want to miss out on this year’s coolest smart phone trends and accessories? Be sure to check out the items below!

Don’t want to miss out on this year’s coolest smart phone trends and accessories? Be sure to check out the items below!


Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Handset

Do you ever wish you could go back to the old days, when you could just pick up an actual phone when it rang and talk? You are not alone. That why Moshi Moshi is becoming increasingly popular. This contemporary accessory looks great on your desk and allows you to receive calls through your smart phone, while also utilizing the efficiency and ease of the handset. 

You simply answer the handset, which looks like a landline phone, and you can still use your smart phone for emailing, surfing the web, accessing your planner and calendars, and more all without losing the call! 


SmarTouch Gloves

Nothing is cooler than a touch screen phone, right? However, there is also nothing colder than using a touch screen in winter! Unless you live in the Caribbean, you know what it’s like to freeze your finger tips off while trying to make a phone call or text a friend. That’s exactly why one of the largest tech trends this year is gloves. Not just any gloves, though, but SmarTouch gloves. These new gloves look like regular hand-warmers, but contain an incredible feature. 

The thumb and index fingers are constructed from a revolutionary, conductive thread that allows you to operate your touch screen without removing your warm mitts! As an additional feature, Isotoner has also added in a suede palm to prevent you from dropping your phone while keeping your hands and fingers warm and cosy.


MiLi Power Spring 4

Our iPhones make life so much easier. With all the apps and accessories available it is a wonder we ever lived without them. However, they are only useful if you have the battery to run them, and utilizing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or playing Angry Birds for hours usually leaves your battery drained when you need it most of all. Luckily, MiLi Power Spring 4 has come to your phone’s rescue. This thin piece of plastic not only protects your phone from scrapes and scratches, it also provides an additional 1,600-mAh battery. 

With a handy USB to mini-USB cable connector, you can charge this device from your computer or laptop and simply slip your phone in to utilize the additional battery.


The Bluetooth Headset Camcorder

Not much larger than your regular Bluetooth, this headset camcorder records video and stores it on your smart phone. That’s right! You can instantly share your video with the touch of a button. Like your typical headset it can be worn on either ear, and contains a flexible ear loop and rotating camcorder to keep your video feed stable and level. Additionally, you can cancel active noise, utilize your one-touch call control options, and adjust volume. 

The Bluetooth Headset Camcorder comes with a rechargeable battery that allows four hours of recording and ten hours of chat time. You can also connect it to your computer or laptop using the USB and download all your videos. 


The Personal Speaker Pillow

Do you love listening to music in bed? Then this is the accessory for you! The personal speaker pillow allows you to comfortably listen to your music or sleep sounds of choice, without ever disturbing your partner’s sleep. Made of 100% cotton and 180-thread count case, it contains an internal speaker that produces high quality sound that is solely audible to the person using the pillow. It also comes with a 46-inch stereo cord with a jack that connects to your smart phone. This is definitely the accessory of your dreams.


Get inPulse Watch

No more compulsively glancing at your phone to make sure you haven’t missed anything important. You can now discreetly check what’s going on by taking a quick glance at your wrist. This techie watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth and transmits email alerts, incoming messages and calls directly to your watch. 



The GorillaMobile stand is an adjustable tripod that will rest comfortably on any surface, or it is flexible enough to be wrapped around a wide array of objects to hold your mobile device. This enables you to watch movies and videos without having to hold your phone, and turns your smart phone into a hands-free device.


iPhone Horn Stand Speaker

This lo-fi amplification device adds 13 decibels to your iPhone speakers, and has the classic look of an old-fashioned phonograph. Oh, and did I mention that it won’t even suck your battery dry. Get this new hip accessory that pumps up the volume on all your favourite tunes.


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