Celebrity Perfumes - Whose Is the Best?
We constantly see celebrities in the spot light for numerous things such as their latest hair styles, new fashion trends, who’s dating who, among other things.

We constantly see celebrities in the spot light for numerous things such as their latest hair styles, new fashion trends, who’s dating who, among other things. So if you have ever walked into a department store and noticed that in the perfume section there are hundreds of scents, some with your favourite star’s name on it, there certainly seems to be a certain appeal to these perfumes. But why the big deal about celebrity-created perfumes? Well, for many people it is the simple fact that someone that they look up to and even idolise is giving you the ability to smell like them, but for others it is just the sheer attraction of the scent itself. 

Like any perfume, there are good and bad celebrity editions. So how can you get a general idea of which bottles to go ahead and test out and which to stay well away from? With the list I have created, you are sure to have men salivating with your brand new celebrity perfume.

Avon’s In Bloom By Reese Witherspoon

You know this blonde-haired beauty as a down-to-earth American girl who always seems to be taking the spotlight for some reason or another. From her stylish choices in fashion to her always flawless hair and makeup, Reese Witherspoon is certainly no stranger to the red carpet. For those who love her, and those who don’t, In Bloom is a light and flower-scented perfume that is perfect for welcoming the warmer spring-time weather and embracing the blossoming buds that surround you.


Heat By Beyonce

She has taken over the stage all over the world, and now she is taking over the perfume industry. With her multi-platinum hits that have become a part of the highest rankings in the music industry, Beyonce now not only provides women with empowering songs that make you want to dance, but also a fragrance that makes you feel confident and sexy. 

In this perfume you will find dazzling scents of vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli, all intertwined with a small hint of delectable peach. After coming across this incredible perfume by an iconic woman that has truly made a name for herself, you will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. 


Fancy By Jessica Simpson

Although she may have disappeared from the music scene years ago and has hardly been seen since, Jessica Simpson made herself known with this astonishing fragrance. Scents of gardenia and Japanese Cherry Blossom make up the alluring smell of this sensual perfume, accompanied by pear and apricot scents that will be sure to make his senses go wild. 

Offered in a simple pink glass bottle, Fancy certainly lives up to its name with its unmistakable sweet and sensual smell.


Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers G

Imagine having the ability to take a trip into paradise and have the smells of coconut and pineapple constantly kissing your skin. With this remarkable perfume by Gwen Stefani, you are able to do just that. The scrumptious piña colada scent is quite apparent to anyone who smells Harajuku Lovers G and many people find that it compliments those hot summer beach days, or after dark when you go to town and hit all of the clubs with your friends. Either way, you simply cannot lose with this tropical-scented fragrance.


White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor

By now, you have probably seen a commercial that looks ages old for this specific fragrance. That’s because White Diamonds has been on top ten lists for perfumes since it was first introduced in 1988. Women all over the world favourite this scent because it allows for all ages to wear it and not feel as though it does not suite their age. A timeless classic, White Diamonds is sure to stay at the top of the perfume list for years to come.