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5 Top Vacuums That Won't Break The Bank

7/10/2011 6:24:44 PM

Buying a vacuum can be an expensive proposition. This is especially true if you look no further than fancy name brands and huge promises.


Buying a vacuum can be an expensive proposition. This is especially true if you look no further than fancy name brands and huge promises. Believe it or not there are less expensive models that offer many of the same features of these big names in the world of vacuums. But they don't carry the same premium price tag. Here are five of them you might want to consider.


IVAC 2400 Watt Cyclonic Bagless

Don't let the compact size of this vacuum fool you. This powerful machine knows all about clean. It offers HEPA filtration to clear the air and the 2400 watt motor makes it a cyclonic cleaning powerhouse. 

The swivel wheels make it easy to move throughout the room and from one room to the next for easier cleaning. It is easy to empty which is a huge plus to anyone who has had the experience of dealing with difficult bags and dust cups before.


Bissell Powerforce Cyclonic Canister BS23A7F

This is an 1800 watt canister vacuum that also makes use of powerful cyclonic technology and HEPA filtration. Despite the raw power of this machine it is among the quietest models you'll find in this price range. 

The dust cup on this bagless vacuum is also easy to clean and the long cord makes it easy to move freely throughout your home. The Bissell name is also widely trusted in the field of vacuums so that's another huge plus to consider.


Miele S381

Miele is a German-made vacuum cleaner that offers superior cleaning for hard floors as well as carpeting. The motor on this particular model offers 1800 watts of cleaning power making it quite a powerful vacuum cleaner.

This particular machine is perfectly suited to serve large families and offers easy controls for greater convenience. Be aware that this is a bagged vacuum cleaner so be prepared to buy bags as needed. For the price of this machine however, it still weighs in as a bargain considering its power even though maintenance costs must be considered for purchasing bags.


Home Hero Bagless Upright VC9730

This powerful upright vacuum has a sturdy 1400 watt motor. It is a bagless model that features HEPA filtration along with cyclonic technology. It is easy to empty and well suited for hard floors, carpet cleaning and cleaning upholstery. 

Attachments for this machine make it an even better buy as there is a cleaning wand that can be extended for cleaning furniture and other hard to reach areas. You may also adjust the height of this vacuum for cleaning different types of carpet.


Vax Power Pet and Stairs VPUP1800PS

This machine offers a full package of features that are sure to catch your eye. Beginning with 1800 watts of power in the motor and 310 AW suction power and moving on to the HEPA filter on board there is not much to dislike about this model.

The hose stretches for a full 4.2 metres making it ideal for cleaning stairs and can be easily adjusted to accommodate varying carpet heights. It also comes complete with a two-year warranty.


Each of these vacuum models has something special to offer different owners and are reasonably priced compared to other models on the market. Check them out and see if one has everything you need in a vacuum at a price you can appreciate.



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