Bagless Vacuums Ranked and Rated
If you do need all the features offered by this upright bagless vacuum then there is no better option in a bagless vacuum on the market today.

Bagless vacuums are all the rage these days in the world of vacuums. But, how do they rate in comparison to one another? Let's explore some of the top models with some of the lesser none bagless varieties and see how well they really stack up.


LG Bagless Vacuum

This vacuum has a lot to offer almost any household. The HEPA Filter eliminates 99.95 percent of allergens and dust particles that would otherwise be released back into the air you breath and, ultimately, into your carpets. It offers a longer power cord than most vacuum models and a dust canister that is extremely easy to empty and clear out. 

The vacuum offers a cleaning reach of 24 metres and rubber wheels that provide excellent manoeuvrability. It has an onboard crevice tool designed to help you really get into those hard to reach places for a deeper clean. 

What steals the stage with this bagless vacuum though is the powerful motor that offers a maximum power of 2000 watts. Add that to the mid-range price and you have an excellent vacuum on your hands to consider.


Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner 

The Dyson name employs the latest technology to bring superior cleaning power to any floor. This bagless vacuum offers Radix Cyclone Technology that doesn't rely on filters or bags to get dust and debris out of the carpets and off the floors. The major claim to fame with Dyson vacuums has always been the promise of "no loss of suction." It's the cyclonic technology that allows them to make that promise and deliver.

But there's more to this vacuum than superior suction. For families that have home with stairs, the telescope reach capabilities of this Dyson model will prove invaluable. It allows the hose to extend as much as 4.8 metres allowing for excellent cleaning power on stairs and up high.

For many consumers it isn't the value of the Dyson that causes hesitation. Many people want one. It's the price tag associated with the Dyson brand. If you do not need all of the features this vacuum offers it's often best to focus on the specific features you do need and find a less expensive model that meets your individual needs.

If you do need all the features offered by this upright bagless vacuum then there is no better option in a bagless vacuum on the market today.


Airflo 2400W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This model is one of the most powerful household bagless vacuum models on the market today with 2400 watts of power available. It offers fewer frills and features than some of the big names on the market but does provide excellent cleaning qualities and a price that is more budget friendly than many current alternatives.

Some of the features that make this bagless vacuum a standout worth considering include the fact that it offers rubber wheels to protect hard floors while cleaning and that it is suitable for cleaning hard floors. The machine also features a washable HEPA filter for keeping many of the dust particles and other allergens out of the air.


Roomba iRobot 577 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

For daily cleaning you just can't get better than this. This tiny bagless unit can't be beat. You'll never find a more trouble-free way of vacuuming your floors. While it isn't a wise investment for heavy-duty messes, it's great for maintaining clean floors throughout your home. 

The technology in this vacuum is astonishing to see in action and it will help you keep your floors clean prolonging the life of your vacuum cleaner. The great thing about the Roomba is that it gets places that are difficult to vacuum such as under furniture and the areas along the walls that re generally hard to reach or time consuming to clean.

It has the capabilities of detecting which areas need deeper cleaning and will spend more time focusing on those areas of the floor. It will also return to the base each day to be recharged in between cleaning. 


Each vacuum has its own strengths and weaknesses to consider. For an all around clean there is none better than the Dyson model. The cost, however, makes this a prohibitive choice for many households. The same, cost effectiveness, also holds true for the Roomba but if the budget allows both will serve you well. The other models aren't as feature rich or high profile but will provide excellent cleaning power. Ultimately only you can decide how they really rank for you and your family.