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Hand Vacuums and Cordless Vacuums

7/10/2011 7:08:39 PM

We're seeing more and more hand vacuums and cordless vacuums on the market today.

We're seeing more and more hand vacuums and cordless vacuums on the market today. People enjoy the freedom of not requiring cords to get small jobs done throughout the home. More importantly, they love the convenience of not needing to drag the heavy duty (emphasis on heavy) vacuum cleaners whenever there is a mess on the floor that needs attention.

These are a few of the great options that are available when it comes to cordless and/or hand vacuums.


Electrolux ZB2901G

This is the cream of the Electrolux crop and it has a lot to offer Aussies when it comes to sweeping up. The first feature that is sure to please is the fact that it is made with recycled plastic. In fact, 70 percent of it is made with recycled plastic.

Another huge benefit to keep in mind with this particular cordless vacuum is that while you are going cordless you aren't sacrificing power. You will still enjoy the strong cyclonic cleaning action you'd get with more powerful vacuums in a rechargeable form. 

Don't forget the LED lights on the nozzle. Not only are these lights long lasting and better for the planet, they also happen to quite bright. This makes it easier to see into those dark corners and underneath the furniture as you're using the vacuum.

Another benefit that makes a huge difference, whether you're doing light cleaning or heavy duty cleaning with your ZB2901G, is that it is easy to manoeuvre. If you've ever struggled with a stiff and unmanageable canister or upright vacuum before you'll really appreciate the easy swivelling and ergonomic design of this model vacuum.

My favourite thing about this particular cordless vacuum is that it looks good enough to hide in plain sight and doesn't take up a lot of space while charging. Storage space for big bulky appliances such as vacuum cleaners is a premium commodity in my house. 

It's also a huge hassle to drag a vacuum in and out of the closet. The rechargeable stick vac makes it possible to have fast access to cleaning when you need it. The removable hand held unit on this model is great for small messes and countertop spills.


Makita 7.2V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Makita may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to vacuum cleaners but they've been doing cordless well for quite some time. With so many cordless vacuums hitting the market these days it makes sense that the Makita brand would come out with one of their own.

This vacuum is more powerful than most on the market, and it offers the option of hi or lo suction power. It's possible to use this vacuum at hi capacity for up to 10 minutes when fully charged and for as many as 20 minutes on lo.

If you're looking for something outside the normal household appliances this is a great choice to consider. But if you're looking for something to handle heavy duty dust particles and the like you can't do any better than this with a cordless vacuum. 


Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a huge name right now in the world of vacuum cleaners. Those who have this particular model generally love it. In fact, many people have stopped struggling with their full size vacuum cleaners in favour of the slim model which cleans almost as well.

This is more than just about cleaning house, though it excels at that. It's cordless and there are no hassles taking it outside to clean out the car and the area between the seats. It has fantastic suction and can go 15 minutes when fully charged. It also has a fairly quick charging time of around 3 hours.

The one complaint that is most common with this model (and for the price you'd think they would have thought of this) is that the design is rigid and a little unwieldy for things like cleaning out the car or other tight spaces. Many consumers lament the lack of a flexible hose on this model. Hopefully Dyson will address this issue in any upcoming models.


As you can see there are plenty of reasons to consider going cordless with your next vacuum purchase. Many cordless vacuums convert easily into handhelds or offer hand vacuum units that are detachable. Shop around to find the best unit for you.


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