W Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements For Men And Women
Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements For Men And Women
The diet of many Australian’s today consists of meals that are less than adequate for nutritional values.

The diet of many Australian’s today consists of meals that are less than adequate for nutritional values. Without the adequate vitamins and minerals in your body, it is not able to function properly and can cause many problems. From excessive exhaustion, susceptibility to disease and infection, and joint pain, lack of required body nutrition can be very debilitating to your health and quality of life. 

No one wants to or should have to deal with any of the effects of vitamin insufficiency, and especially with all of the current products on the market today you no longer need to. Found at your local grocery store or health speciality store, you are able to purchase an assortment of both vitamins and supplements at very affordable prices.

However, the important thing that you must always remember about any type of health supplement is to first consult your doctor. To be sure that your body will not react in any negative way to a potential vitamin that you are thinking of putting as a part of your daily regimen, it is essential to first seek the opinion of a professional.

After you have done so, you will be faced with a very large market of products. To help you decide between what the best for you will be I have compiled a list of the top vitamins and supplements. You will notice that I separated the supplements by genders. For the initial reason that the male and female bodies are different and require different things, it is vital to make sure that the vitamin you are taking provides you with the proper nutrients. 


Essential Vitamins For Women

Compared to the nutritional requirements that men have, women’s needs do not necessarily greatly outnumber those of men, but the differences are significant and vital to health.


Folic Acid

If you are pregnant, or attempting to conceive, it is recommended that you take at least 400mg of folic acid per day. This vitamin works to ensure that the fetus is as safe as possible neural tube defects during pregnancy. If a baby inhabits this while still in the womb, it can be fatal to the unborn child or can cause major birth defects. 



As opposed to men who have ample amounts of calcium, most women have a calcium deficiency in their body. Taking supplements will help to promote your bone health and to give you as much protection as possible from serious injury should any accident happen. 

Calcium is an incredibly important nutrient, especially in athletes. Because of the constant stress you are putting on your body and face it, you fall every once in a while, calcium will guard you from serious injuries. You can also find good sources in yoghurt, milk, and cheese, as well as traditional pill-form. 


Essential Vitamins For Men

It is well known that men are naturally more physically strong than women, and because of this they require very different nutritional 



With all of the heavy lifting that men naturally have the ability to do, calcium supplements need to be a part of your everyday life. They will help to increase your bone strength to help prevent you from injury that you are so susceptible to, especially if you are an athlete. 


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to statistics, an estimated one in six men will develop prostate cancer at some point in his life. Although it has not been proven, taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement such as fish oil can potentially help you prevent becoming victim to this deadly disease. You can also simply eat at least one meal that includes fish, once per week.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to decrease the levels of fat cells in your blood, which can potentially save you from heart disease as well as heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems in the future.